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The Strength of Steel in US Residential Construction

Manor Homes Moved to Steel Framing for an Ideal Modular Home Solution

Maximizing Speed and Efficiency with Steel Framing

Join FRAMECAD at Expo CIHAC and Congresso Steel Frame

Exploring the Savings Through The Adoption of Steel Framing

Join FRAMECAD at UK Construction Week

Topsteel Solutions are Innovating with Hybrid Steel Structures


Enhancing US Residential Construction Fire Safety with Steel Framing

Austruss Customers Keep Coming Back for Cost & Time Savings

Join FRAMECAD at Greenbuild

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Steel Framing is the Way to Stronger, Straighter & More Precise US Homes

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CFS is Transforming US Residential Construction and Boosting Profits


The Rise of Build-to-Rent: Transforming the US Housing Landscape

The Benefits of Hybrid Construction

Timber Supplier Sydney Frames & Trusses Offer Customers Steel Framing


US-based Framecor See Steel Framing as an Interrupter to Wood

Join FRAMECAD at the MMC Ireland National Conference

Join FRAMECAD at the International Congress of Steel Construction in Colombia

5 Benefits of Using Steel Framing in Modular Construction

Design-led Construction is a Game Changer for U.S. Tori Contracting

Fast Growth for Australian True Blue Steel Frames

FRAMECAD Network Summit: "Knowledge Sharing & Networking Was Amazing"

A Simple Solution to Overcome the Challenge of Thermal Bridging



Does the Construction Process Differ Following Steel or Wood Framing?

Why Choose Steel Framing for Your Next Project?

Frame Up Now Say Steel Will Replace Wood in the Next 15 Years

Join FRAMECAD In the UK this Spring

Join FRAMECAD at World of Modular

FRAMECAD Appoints Rob Heebink as CEO

Exploring the Life Cycle of Cold Formed Steel

Join FRAMECAD at Construma

Time to Build Safe and Resilient Construction in Disaster Areas

Speedhouse Group Reduces Labor Force 50% & Increases Productivity 300%

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Join FRAMECAD at Sydney Build Expo

Award Win for Australian Based Dynamic Steel Frame for LGS Project

Can CFS Produce the Roof Trusses YOU Need for Your Projects?

Future Proof the Cost of Termite Damage by Using Cold Formed Steel

As a Homeowner Why Choose Steel Framing as a Building Material?

Steel vs Wood framing – Which is best for construction?

Join FRAMECAD at The Big 5 Saudi


Join FRAMECAD at IBS 2023

Distinct Benefits of Building with Cold Formed Steel

FRAMECAD appoints Darrell Smithson as Head of Customer Success

Building Partnership Delivers Innovative Steel Frame Housing

Overview of Sustainable Construction

Join FRAMECAD at The Big 5 Dubai

Join FRAMECAD at The Buildings Show in Toronto

Cold Formed Steel Framing: Perfect Solution for Beachfront Townhouses

What is Cold Formed Steel and What Does CFS Mean?

Cold Formed Steel: Importance of Certification & Compliant Products

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Join FRAMECAD in the UK this Autumn

Building with light Steel Framing in New Zealand

FRAMECAD is Excited to Welcome Rob Heebink as Chief Technology Officer

Join FRAMECAD at WORLDBEX August 31 - September 3

Join FRAMECAD in Latin America this September

Integrated Design & Engineering Software: CFS Construction Success

What You Need to Know About The History of Cold Formed Steel

CFS: A Dream For Residential Construction Projects

Join FRAMECAD at ARCHIDEX June 29th - July 2nd

CFS Technology: Perfect Solution for Faster, Smaller Affordable Living

Join FRAMECAD at CONSTRUCTO May 25-27 in Mexico

Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs): A key part of construction landscape

Join FRAMECAD at TecHome Builder Summit May 12-15

Join FRAMECAD at The Offsite Show May 3-5

Join FRAMECAD at Advancing Prefabrication April 26 - 29

Cold Formed Steel Framing: Defines The Speed Of Construction

Why CFS is a Premium Material for Solar Panel Mounting Structures

Join FRAMECAD at Construma April 6 - 10 2022

Join FRAMECAD at INTEX Expo  April 6-7 2022

Cold Formed Steel Framing: An Exceptionally Fast & Affordable Solution

Join FRAMECAD at The Big 5 Saudi from 28 - 31 March 2022

Join FRAMECAD at New York Build Expo 2-3 March 2022

Join FRAMECAD at IBS 2022 | 8-10 February in Orlando, FL

Join FRAMECAD at RETCON 2021 | 14-16 December in Miami, FL

Faster Design & Accuracy FRAMECAD® Detailer 5.1: CFS Design Software

Join FRAMECAD at UK Construction Week from 05-07 October

Join FRAMECAD at TecHome Builder Summit from 05-07 October

Une construction plus rapide, plus précise et plus rentable - les avantages de la construction en acier profilé mince CFS – acier formé à froid

New features for faster design and accuracy - CFS software releases

Join FRAMECAD at OFFSITE EXPO from 21-22 September

Join FRAMECAD at The Big 5 Dubai from 12-15 September

FRAMECAD Knowledge Center: Detailed support at your fingertips

Accélérez la construction de bâtiments de hauteur moyenne à l'aide d'acier formé à froid

Why watching a webinar should be your go-to for FRAMECAD® information

Lumber Challenges: Time for the Construction Industry to Consider Alternative

Breaking new ground in Ezeiza with Steel Tech Group

FRAMECAD F325iT-L: More options for walls, joists, trusses, mods & pods

F450iT: Solving the challenges of mid-rise construction with greater speed, versatility & precision

O que você deve buscar em um parceiro de soluções de construção LSF?

Douglass Colony showcases speed of FRAMECAD with Sagebrush Apartments

FRAMECAD Revlink: Simplify & speed up your CFS design & engineering

Project versatility & time savings with CFS/LGS construction

Better CFS design, detailing & engineering with FRAMECAD Revlink 1.3

Further enhance your CFS design process & structural engineering accuracy

Innovative healthcare solutions: FrameGo’s protective testing booths

What should you look for in a CFS/LGS building solutions partner?

A construction boom is coming. How to future proof your business

Innovating for good during the COVID-19 pandemic

FRAMECAD Structure 9.2: Improved speed, performance and design flexibility, with the latest free update of our CAD-based structural engineering software

Updates to FRAMECAD's Revit integration for better CFS design, detailing & engineering

Knowledge Center - a unique information library available exclusively for FRAMECAD customers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from FRAMECAD - We're here to help.

Join FRAMECAD at World of Modular from 9 - 12 March

Join FRAMECAD at the Big 5 Saudi from 8 to 11 March

Join FRAMECAD at the New York Build from 3 to 4 March

FRAMECAD ST950H: heavy-duty multi-profile solution for large scale production

Modular Construction – Forging a New Path in Rapid Construction

Join FRAMECAD at the Advancing Prefabrication 2020 from 3 to 6 February

Join FRAMECAD at the IBS from 21 to 23 January

Seamless integration to Revit for a faster, smoother design process

FRAMECAD TF550H: Cost savings & efficiency gains for mid-rise projects

FRAMECAD FL650: Faster & smoother flooring for multi-level buildings

Join FRAMECAD at the Offsite Construction Show from 20 to 21 November

How technology is addressing challenges in the construction industry

Join FRAMECAD at the Dubai Big 5 from 25 to 28 November

Material estimating and quoting capabilities of CFS

Join FRAMECAD at the Big 5 Construct Kenya from 5 to 7 November

Rejoignez FRAMECAD au Salon BATIMAT à Paris du 4 au 8 Novembre/Join FRAMECAD at the BATIMAT tradeshow - 4 to 8 November

CFS: The Way the World Constructs

Join FRAMECAD at the METALCON tradeshow - 16 to 18 October

Join FRAMECAD at the UK Construction Week - 8 to 10 October

Join FRAMECAD at the Vietbuild HCMC Tradeshow from 25 - 29 September

Join FRAMECAD at the HABITAT FAIR 2019 from 20 to 22 September

Join FRAMECAD at the Cape Construction Expo, from 11 to 12 September

Join FRAMECAD at the Philconstuct tradeshow from 06 to 08 September

Join FRAMECAD at the Big 5 Egypt tradeshow from 02 to 04 September

Improved speed, performance and design flexibility, with the latest update of CAD-based structural engineering software, FRAMECAD Structure V9.1.1

Collaboration successfully pushes limits of CFS innovation for FrameTech

Temos a honra de convidá-lo para a Construsul, de 30 de julho a 02 de agosto, em Porto Alegre RS.

How to Engineer Sub Floors & Walls that Reduce Sound Transfer

FRAMECAD Fire & Sound Rated Assemblies Manual

Join FRAMECAD at ARCHIDEX tradeshow from 3 to 6 July 2019

How Cold Formed Steel Opens up Design Flexibility

Join FRAMECAD at the International Congress of Construction with Steel in Colombia


Join FRAMECAD at SIBAT Expo from 20 to 22 of June

Cold Formed Steel: Beyond Nonstructural Interior Walls

How design led construction saves money by providing you with effective project management tools

4º Congresso Latino Americano Steel Frame & FRAMECAD True Experience

Avoid the Impact of Labor and Material Cost Increases with FRAMECAD

FRAMECAD are proud to Release their latest Video:  FRAMECAD – The Way the World Constructs

Prefabrication: The New Face of Construction

Join FRAMECAD at Architect Expo from 30 April to 5 of May

How webbed headers save time and money: Designing and building webbed headers with FRAMECAD

World Steel Association Releases Report on Most Effective Materials for Mid-Rise Construction

From start to finish, it all happens here at FRAMECAD

Join FRAMECAD at INTEX Expo from 25 to 26 of April

Tapping into FRAMECAD’s engineering expertise: FRAMECAD Structure

Seamlessly Integrating Software and Machine: FRAMECAD Factory

A Design-Led Process: The Expertise that Goes into FRAMECAD Detailer

Global reach, global experience: Engineering expertise and support

Preparing for the Future: Cold Formed Steel Construction and The Construction Industry

Customer care and after sales support: How you’re at the heart of the FRAMECAD System

What makes a high performing CFS Detailing System: How FRAMECAD Detailer has been developed after 30years of CFS Experience and our customers in mind

Complete visibility and ongoing support: How MyFRAMECAD can drive your company’s growth.

Designing FRAMECAD Manufacturing Equipment: How FRAMECAD ensure the best results and custom modifications for our customers.

The Backbone to FRAMECAD’s Innovation & Dedicated Customer Support: Who makes up the FRAMECAD team

Join FRAMECAD at ENICS 2019 from 28 to 29 of March in Sao Paulo.

Join FRAMECAD at IndobuildTech tradeshow from 20 to 24 of March

Learn How to Create Accurate Estimates & Quotes Without Creating a Detailed Design

How to get optimal performance from your FRAMECAD equipment

Enhanced Design, Performance and Installation with Cold Formed Steel Trusses

Join FRAMECAD at Saudi Big 5 tradeshow from 10 to 13 March 2019

Pre-engineered building specialists Système Panneaux Sandwich reduce commercial warehousing design & build cost to 1/5th of the traditional Price

UL certification -3 hr fire rated system for FRAMECAD's flooring system

Join FRAMECAD at World of Modular tradeshow from 15 to 18 of March

Dynamic Steel Frame – Manufacturing the world’s largest cold formed steel floor cassette project for Melbourne’s Lonsdale Apartments

FRAMECAD  Estimator is Now Here.  Track opportunities, estimate, quote and invoice.

Watch how Taynr are constructing in Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Stronger, Faster and Less Expensive

Save time spent on Structural Engineering, with the latest update of CAD Based FRAMECAD Structure 9.0

Join FRAMECAD at Acetech tradeshow from 13 to 16 of December

Accelerate the Manufacturing process with the latest updates of FRAMECAD Factory

Eliminate Engineering Rework and Reduce Costs with FRAMECAD Structure

Should you be using Cold Formed Steel roof trusses?

Embracing the Journey into the Future of Construction

Join FRAMECAD at Dubai Big 5 Tradeshow from 26 to 29 of November

Join FRAMECAD at Offsite Construction Tradeshow from 20 to 21 of November

Join FRAMECAD at Myanbuild Tradeshow from 16 to 18 of November

Join FRAMECAD at Alacero Colombia Tradeshow from 5 to 7 of November

Is cold formed steel a sustainable building material?

The World’s most versatile design detailing software for Cold Formed Steel construction has taken speed and detailing accuracy to the next level.

How to rapidly produce CFS components and buildings

Join FRAMECAD at EuroBLECH Tradeshow from 23rd to 26th of October

Join FRAMECAD at Metalcon Tradeshow from 10th to 12th of October

Addressing the world-wide shortage of skilled labour in construction

Join FRAMECAD at Cape Construction Expo 2018, stand No.322 from 12th to 13th September

Faster, more accurate and more profitable construction - the benefits of cold formed steel (CFS) construction

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction
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