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Orlando Steel Framing: Manufacturing Excellence for US Construction


Operating for the past two years, Orlando Steel Framing has emerged as a leading manufacturer of cold-formed steel (CFS) framing in US residential construction and commercial projects. Under the visionary leadership of President and CEO David Chai, the company has redefined construction in Florida with a profound commitment to efficiency, innovation and sustainability. David's strong background in manufacturing, combined with his experience in construction, sets the Orlando Steel Framing team up for success under his leadership. 

Construction Challenges 

Orlando Steel Framing operates in the unique environment of Florida, where hot, humid, and wet weather conditions can wreak havoc on traditional construction materials, particularly wood. Vulnerable to mold and termite damage, wood often falls short in this challenging climate. Recognizing this, Orlando Steel Framing capitalizes on the advantages of steel framing and offsite manufacturing. Their commitment to using steel comes from its non-combustible nature, unrivaled durability and resistance to humidity. Cold-formed Steel also enables them to take advantage of their experience in manufacturing.  

Innovation in Design and Manufacturing 

The team places a strong emphasis on the design process. They employ state-of-the-art computer modeling tools to optimize their designs, ensuring that construction projects are executed efficiently and with a reduced risk of unforeseen issues. The company ensures alignment among all stakeholders before commencing any project, fostering seamless collaboration. 

Miraculous Turnaround 

One of the most impressive achievements of Orlando Steel Framing was the completion of an 85,000-square-foot building in just 13 weeks. The undertaking included engineering, manufacturing, and production. The project, which was initially lagging by six months, witnessed a miraculous turnaround. Chief Operating Officer, David Del Monte recalled, "the owner viewed this accomplishment as nothing short of a miracle." The remarkable time efficiency of this project translated into substantial cost savings for the client. 
Innovative Technology Integration 

Orlando Steel Framing's choice of FRAMECAD as a one-stop shop is a testament to its commitment to modern construction methods. FRAMECAD offers comprehensive solutions, including software, support, cutting-edge machines and efficient networking connections. This strategic partnership has ensured the seamless integration of technology into Orlando Steel Framing's operations. 
Sustainability and Cost Savings 

The adoption of cold formed steel framing has streamlined their entire production process. Pre-cut and pre-punched panels are manufactured at impressive speeds and delivered directly to construction sites, reducing waste to a minimum. This substantial waste reduction not only benefits the environment but also contributes to significant savings in company expenditures.

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A Bright Future for Steel Framing 

David Chai envisions a bright future for the steel framing market, especially in Florida, where the housing market is on the rise. The focus on time efficiency, cost savings, and environmental benefits has positioned Orlando Steel Framing as a pioneering leader in the evolving landscape of modern construction methods in the US. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency continues to have a profound impact on the construction industry. 

Orlando Steel Framing is a testament to how a forward-thinking company can revolutionize an industry by embracing modern construction materials and innovative approaches. Their remarkable accomplishments underscore the significant advantages of steel framing in challenging climates, while also setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in construction. 



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