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Manor Homes Moved to Steel Framing for an Ideal Modular Home Solution


Manor Homes are a family-owned business based in New South Wales, Australia and have been operating for the last 30 years and offer transportable homes to the market. They specialize in modular homes for people relocating out of cities to lifestyle blocks in rural areas. Initially, their homes were constructed using timber framing. However, they recognized that their customers could benefit significantly from steel framed homes, which ultimately led them to implement this change.

Transitioning to steel framing - the perfect solution 

Many of their projects are situated in remote locations and bush areas where there are challenging environmental conditions, such as issues with white ants and other elements that affect timber framing.  These conditions don’t impact steel framing

The team focused on improving the manufacturing process to meet customer demands. This involved increasing overall efficiency, speed and reducing waste.  Additionally, they aimed to provide clients with design flexibility that was tailored to their needs while ensuring accuracy and ease of implementation.   

To address the challenges, Manor Homes decided to shift from traditional timber to steel framing by partnering with FRAMECAD. 

Manufacturing Improvements - “100% straighter” 

The transition to steel framing also prompted the team to become more focused on planning and assembling parts off-site, which accelerated the building process.  

Their FRAMECAD system allows for better precision and easier handling, contributing to optimum efficiency.  Peter Betts, Factory Manager, finds the FRAMECAD system is easy to use, reliable and cost-effective. With regards to the frames, he said, "they’re lighter and definitely a lot straighter." Straighter frames contribute to a neater finish and improve the overall aesthetics. 

Manor homes steel framing Manor homes offsite

The streamlined modular manufacturing process allows for quicker construction, with fewer delays due to weather or material availability resulting in more rapid production timelines. 

The adoption of steel framing and the FRAMECAD system has led to a significant reduction in material wastage. This, in turn, reduced the need for regular clean-up, leading to a tidy, safer and more organized workspace.  Peter said, "we are down to one bin every couple of months where we would empty a timber bin once a week." 

FRAMECAD's Software - “I picked it up within a few weeks” 

Manor Homes use FRAMECAD software to design, plan, and execute their steel framing projects. The software enables them to create accurate 3D models, perform engineering checks that ensure excellence and consistency and precise designs that meet clients' needs while adhering to engineering standards. 

Micah Sharpe, Design Consultant said, “we see a huge benefit in building digitally before actually building physically.” He sees design as a key part of the process and was surprised at how simple the FRAMECAD software was to use.  He said, “ using FRAMECAD Structure we are able to iron out any problems that we would have had during the build process." 


The decision to adopt steel framing and the FRAMECAD system was significant for the business. The combination of improved excellence, reduced wastage, faster build times, and greater design flexibility has contributed to  better customer satisfaction.  

Manor Homes are a great example of how modular home builders are embracing new technologies and construction methods to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and market expansion. 

Peter sees the industry continuing to grow towards modular construction and the partnership with FRAMECAD continuing for a long time. 



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