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Steel Framing Takes Center Stage: Highlights from IBS 2024

We are thrilled to share our incredible experience at the NAHB International Builders’ Show 2024 (IBS 2024), which proved to be a monumental event for us. This year's IBS was the biggest in 15 years, and FRAMECAD had the biggest show presence, with non-stop attendance at our booth and lines of people waiting to see the Momo Homes ADU. 


As FRAMECAD, we had customers and prospects traveling from all corners of the globe to witness the latest innovations from our company and participate in our much-anticipated Steel and Sliders event. 

Our presence at IBS 2024 demonstrated how steel framing is the future of construction, with our main booth attracting a steady stream of attendees throughout the event. It was truly gratifying to see so many industry professionals eager to learn about our cold-formed steel building solution, which offers a unified framework for design, manufacture, and the building process. 

One of the highlights of the show was our partnership with Momo Homes, exemplified by the construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) using cold formed steel (CFS) right outside the convention center. This demonstration not only showcased the speed and efficiency of modular construction with steel framing but also highlighted the remarkable potential of this material in shaping the future of the industry. 

There was more reasons to celebrate, as Modular Builds Guyana signed up for two new FRAMECAD systems and Espaço Smart, a valued FRAMECAD customer secured an additional three systems at our IBS booth. 

IBS - Signing

The excitement continued with our Steel and Sliders event, held at our Customer Success Center on the second night of the show. It was a packed house, with attendees overflowing with enthusiasm for the possibilities offered by cold-formed steel. The event served as a testament to the growing global interest in this innovative construction method and solidified our position as pioneers in the field. 

To top it all off, we were honored to be recognized as one of the IBS Awards Finalists in the Most Innovative Construction Tool category. This prestigious accolade underscores our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and revolutionizing the construction industry. 
As we reflect on our time at IBS 2024, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible support and enthusiasm shown by our customers, partners, and industry colleagues. We remain dedicated to driving positive change in the construction sector and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence. 

Steel & Sliders Event - Momo Homes presentation
Steel & Sliders Event - Burgers
Steel & Sliders Event - Audience

Missed the show, but want to hear more about what’s happening at FRAMECAD? Book a session with one of our experts here.

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