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A construction boom is coming. How to future proof your business

In this blog post, we take a brief look at what the current COVID-19 market conditions mean for construction demand, and how you can use FRAMECAD’s latest equipment releases and updates to succeed in times of uncertainty and, dare we say it, growth.

The demand for construction is not letting up. In fact, some experts are predicting a post-Coronavirus construction boom. Which is great news for the industry. But are you ready to use this to your advantage? During times of growth, uncertainty or change, the most successful businesses are those who adapt to meet the demands of the market.

Currently markets are asking for faster construction, particularly to support the healthcare sector and related industries. The ability to design and manufacture quickly and efficiently is key to your continued success. But as recent events have shown, these demands could change. A re-focus on hotel, multi-family, or commercial projects, in addition to medical-focused modular and pod solutions could be just around the corner.

The key to future success is ensuring your business is future-proofed to meet the coming market demand, whatever that looks like.

Versatility is key to future-proofing

Cold formed steel construction is perfectly suited to high volume, fast turnaround, prefabricated construction. This methodology, supported by a design-led approach like FRAMECAD’s, enables fast, efficient production of modular and transportable units that can be used for hospitals and clinics, overflow medical facilities, and even standalone disinfection booths. Prefabrication or offsite manufacturing also allows for the accelerated delivery of more traditional mid-rise residential and commercial buildings.

Every construction project has unique demands. Those, of course, include specific needs for design and engineering software, manufacturing equipment and the construction materials. For this reason, the correct choice of equipment is crucial from the very start.

Our FRAMECAD manufacturing systems offer you the flexibility to design and construct a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial structures. Many of our technologically advanced roll-forming equipment can be used for specific production outputs eg. specialized flooring systems, while others are flexible enough to meet wider manufacturing demands across a range of construction applications. Multiple tooling, flange and profile options create almost limitless design and construction versatility. This versatility could be the key to future-proofing your business.


Which system is right for you?

All our recent equipment releases include multi-profile and/or multi-flange and tooling versatility - giving you flexibility to efficiently deliver a wide range of construction projects. This ensures your business can adapt with the changing market, now and in the future.

Multi-profile for ultimate versatility:


A comprehensive multi-profile manufacturing system for large-scale mid-rise construction - commercial, industrial and residential. 

With a heavy duty gauge capacity up to 97mils or 2.5mm, this robust system is ideal for the manufacture of load-bearing wall frames, wide spanning roof trusses or long spanning floor joists.

The FRAMECAD ST950H comes as standard with an automated servo-driven raft to quickly and easily change web width, flange height, and automatically adjust tooling to match the new profile. These dynamic tooling options provide complete design and engineering flexibility as bolt holes and other punches can be set up anywhere on the profile. As a result, it offers fast, efficient, automated production and flexible profile output.

Additional features of ST950H:

  • Produces profile 3⅟₂-12” (89-305mm) wide and 1⅟₂-2⅟₂” (38-63mm) high
  • Simple gauging system for quick change between 18-12 gauge or 43-97mils (1.15-2.5mm)
  • Up to 15 adjustable punching stations for high productivity and versatile construction
  • 20 adjustable roll forming stations produce accurate and high quality profiles
  • Industry-leading automated high line speed up to 5,400ft/hr (1,680m/hr)

A full ST950H specification sheet can be downloaded here.


Multiple flange and tooling options for design & production flexibility:


This recently updated manufacturing system is built for optimal engineering-based design and manufacture of mid-rise applications.

The TF55H offers the ability to have either one or two flange heights options (1 5/8” flange as standard, and with either a 2 or 2 ½” flange as an additional option) in the one piece of equipment. These new options offer increased flexibility design and production, unique to FRAMECAD. You can achieve significant cost savings and efficiency gains throughout the building process by removing the need for additional studs.

Additional features of TF550H:

  • Heavy duty system that rolls up to 14 gauge (2mm) material enabling the manufacture and construction of mid-rise buildings.
  • 12 advanced punching functions for high productivity, and versatile components’ production such as roof trusses, walls and floor joists.
  • Automated high line speed up to 4,430ft/hr results the industry’s best framing and truss manufacturing output.

A full TF550H specification sheet can be downloaded here.

These industry-leading flange options are also available on the FRAMECAD TF650H manufacturing system.



This recently updated manufacturing system is ideal for heavy flooring, residential and multi-story construction, or large-scale flooring projects.

The new design features including additional gauge options, extruded service hole, and multiple flange heights. Its unique punching system offers provisions for easy installation of the HVAC and MEP, along with other electrical and plumbing services, without compromising on joint or profile strength.

Additional features of FL650:

  • A simple and intuitive gauging system allows for quick change of gauges between 47 - 97 mils or 18 - 12 gauge (1.2mm - 2.5mm) steel.
  • Automated high line speed up to 4,430ft./hr (1,350m/hr) results in highly efficient deep C floor joist outputs.
  • Multiple flange heights (2 - 3”) possible on the one profile, enabling the right profile to be selected based on the engineering requirements for the construction job.

A full FL650 specification sheet can be downloaded here.



The upgraded F325iT-L manufacturing system is ideal for 1 – 3 level residential, modular and transportable units, and light commercial construction.

Bases on the industry-leading standard set by the F325iT (with 12 tooling stations), the upgraded F325iT-L provides up to eight additional tool options, offering significantly increased design and manufacturing flexibility.

This increased functionality provides up to 20 (12+8) advanced precision punching functions for the highest productivity and manufacturing versatility of roof trusses, walls, floor joists, mods and pods with unrivalled production speed and accuracy.

Additional features of F325iT-L:

  • An auto gauging system that automatically adjusts gauge range to increase overall productivity for steel thickness from 24 - 18 gauge (0.55 -1.2mm) steel
  • High line speed up to 9,950ft./hr (2880m/hr) results in the industry’s best framing and truss manufacturing output
  • Includes hot climate hydraulic cooling system for high temperature operating environments

A full F325iT-L specification sheet can be downloaded here.


All of our manufacturing system comes with smart internet connectivity, providing cloud-based data reporting to enable real-time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.

Visit our website for more information, and to view the full range of FRAMECAD manufacturing systems.

A continued focus on quality and innovation

All FRAMECAD equipment are designed, manufactured and quality assured in-house by our expert design and mechanical engineers. This ensures all FRAMECAD equipment meets our very high standards and tight tolerances and provides FRAMECAD customers the certainty that what is designed will be constructed.

For more information on one of these FRAMECAD manufacturing systems, details or a quote, talk to one of our experts today.

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