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Material estimating and quoting capabilities of CFS

Material estimating and quoting capabilities of CFS

In construction, greater efficiency and control over outcomes are key. A business that can maximize material yield, assure quality in every project phase, and quickly achieve compliance is poised to create a good end result.

Cold formed steel and the FRAMECAD system deliver high-quality project estimations, and result in excellent construction.

However, the benefits of accurate estimating and quoting go beyond just cost savings... In this blog, we discuss those benefits.

The consistency of the quoting and tender process across all projects and staff members

Because of unique engineering, early in the design process, the CFS design software gives full visibility into the building envelope and key construction assemblies, as well as other essential large-scale elements. From this broad overview, decisions can be quickly made from rough quantity estimates and a plain sense of project scope. 

Develop an understanding of what variables can win or lose a quote

Cold formed steel software allows you to make accurate projections for every aspect of a project - ideal for quoting. CFS affords contractors greater accuracy in estimations and quoting while reducing the change of error and a faster overall process.

These are the variables that can really make or break a quote, and the more efficient your business is at quoting and fulfilling projects as proposed, the stronger your client relationships will be, and the more contracts you'll win. 

Understand the business sales margin

Quoting and estimating with cold formed steel also leads to better quality control. With the offsite prefabrication of CFS components to exact measurements, foundation work and other important skilled labor can proceed unhindered.

When assembled CFS framing parts arrive onsite, they are ready to be utilized. This insight gives you a better understanding of your sales margin, allowing you to make better business decisions.

Allocation of resources, including staff, materials and external providers 

Building with cold formed steel allows you to make easier projections for every aspect of a project, including material and labor costs, and overall scope. Quantity (or material) take-offs and cost estimates will have greater precision throughout the lifecycle of any project.

Better project and job scheduling

Project timelines can be shortened substantially with CFS. With concurrent onsite and offsite work and reduced need for corrections throughout the project, firms can promise a tighter, more efficient workflow and earlier dates of completion.

All of these benefits make it clear: cold formed steel gives you the ability to quote and estimate costs with greater confidence. Material take-offs that specify structural CFS show the material to be a true asset in efficiency and cost savings.  


Adding even more value with FRAMECAD 

Employing FRAMECAD solutions makes estimations and quoting not just more accurate, but more valuable. That means higher profit margins, more predictable costs, more accurate quotes, and ultimately a business process that’s easier to streamline and replicate.  

It’s also easier to provide clients with highly-accurate cost information early on, creating more project flexibility. In terms of value engineering, FRAMECAD Structure allows teams to explore a variety of design concepts with the client in the pre-construction phase. This capability can turn into a true competitive advantage. 

FRAMECAD software also provides insight into the smallest details, including the measurement and comprehensive reporting of all needed material quantities, alongside labor and incidental costs. All modeled elements can be identified and priced out quickly, freeing up estimators to concentrate on risk assessment and validation. And in doing so, creating even better estimates.

The FRAMECAD process eliminates costly building redesigns and budget overruns from unforeseen errors. With detailed visual aids, estimators can be onboarded and trained with greater ease. Compliance with local codes is also made easier. It all results in the ability to manage projects with more confidence, and make offers that are more competitive.

The FRAMECAD system and CFS bring estimation accuracy to new heights. Material take-offs can be made with greater confidence, eliminating change orders well before they happen and giving subcontractors early insight. A greater ROI is assured for the project, timelines are shortened, and all stakeholders gain greater certainty on scope, materials, and labor. 

Precise quotes and estimations lead to an important outcome for modern construction firms: successful, punctual building projects that stay on budget and exceed client expectations. Cold formed steel and the FRAMECAD methodology open the doors. 

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