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Integrated Design & Engineering Software: CFS Construction Success

Integrated design and engineering software: the key to Cold Formed Steel construction success

Every industry the world over has been transformed by technological advancement, underpinned by sophisticated software. The construction industry is no exception – perhaps our industry has been affected even more so than others.

Building methods such as cold formed steel (CFS) construction would not exist without software. But not all CFS manufacturing software is created equally.

In this article, we talk about FRAMECAD Structure software and the unique and valuable way it integrates with industry-standard BIM software. 

BIM compatible

Today, most building project owners demand that contractors need to be BIM compatible. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a formal procedure for modern cold-formed steel framing construction projects to save money and reduce construction schedules.

The challenge is finding CFS detailing software that integrates with BIM in order to make building design and engineering faster and more accurate. FRAMECAD answers this challenge with FRAMECAD Structure software.

FRAMECAD Structure is recognized as the fastest and the most comprehensive CFS engineering and detailing software to be fully BIM compatible. BIM and FRAMECAD Structure effectively ‘talk’ to each other eliminating the need for human intervention.

Of course, FRAMECAD Structure software is also completely integrated with FRAMECAD’s other design and manufacturing software packages – making the entire design, specification and manufacturing process completely seamless.

Engineering calculations happen in real-time

The key difference between FRAMECAD Structure and other detailing software on the market is that FRAMECAD Structure makes real-time engineering calculations as designs are created, analyzing loads, deflections and other forces, making the engineering and code compliance process easy.

FRAMECAD Structure offers the most complete set of engineering calculations and functions that you can expect, to complete the design phase of your cold formed steel building project.

Find out more about FRAMECAD Structure software here, read our blog on the FRAMECAD integration with Revit BIM software or watch our video below for more information:



Integration is the key

There are other steel framing solutions available, but to get the full advantages of a design-led CFS process you need to look upstream at the software that runs the manufacturing system, and how this integrates with other standard industry packages.

End-to-end and system-to-system integration is the key.

FRAMECAD's design-led process not only offers full integration between every step of its own design and build process, but now FRAMECAD Structure offers the extra step of full integration with BIM software making the process of designing, engineering and manufacturing faster and more accurate than ever before.

Editors note - this article was originally written and published on February 2, 2017

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