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Topsteel Solutions are Innovating with Hybrid Steel Structures


Specializing in light gauge steel framing and structural steel, Topsteel Solutions is a leading player in hybrid steel structures, focusing on both residential and commercial buildings across New South Wales, Australia. 

Having been in the business for 8 years the team has built a strong repeat customer base. Their innovative approach is the integration of hybrid steel structures, combining the strength and durability of steel and cutting-edge design methodologies.  
Both Harry Chan - Managing Director and Leon Chan – Director have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of their hybrid approach. They have addressed a wide range of challenges, from coordination issues between different construction aspects to optimizing structural connections for maximum efficiency.  Steel framing contributes not only to the structural integrity of their projects but also to essential factors such as fire rating, acoustic rating, and energy efficiency. 
Topsteel Solutions employs the FRAMECAD’s system which includes sophisticated software. The synergy between the software tools aids in identifying potential issues early in the process, thereby minimizing costly modifications and ensuring smoother construction. 

The FRAMECAD solution was chosen because of the system's reliability and good engineering calculation capabilities.  
Leon said, "the benefits of steel framing are that it's quick, easy and on-site it's stronger than timber frames." 

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Design is a Key Driver  

For Topsteel Solutions, design is a key driver. Their in-house team of 6 designers, alongside external consultants, work to develop innovative models that marry structural integrity with aesthetic appeal. This commitment to design excellence has earned them a recurring customer pool. FRAMECAD Structure software plays a vital role in these designs among the team members.  

Dependable Software 

When it comes to utilizing software for structural design, reliability and support are paramount. The software has allowed them to confidently present their designs to clients and installation teams.  They value the importance of having a dependable software foundation that not only assists in design but also in providing clear instructions. This is especially crucial in ensuring accuracy and consistency across various projects. 

Harry said, "FRAMECAD keeps developing the software and it gets better and better.” 

Enhanced Installation and Collaboration 
Topsteel Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure that its models are accessible and usable by all stakeholders, even on-site. They provide installation teams with comprehensive models and documentation, making it easy for them to understand the intricacies of the design. By offering installation guides and enabling access through mobile devices, they significantly enhance the efficiency of the installation process. This collaborative approach not only saves time but also ensures that the entire team is aligned and working towards a common goal. 
The Future 
With their rich experience and dedication to excellence, Harry and Leon are confident that the integration of steel framing (light gauge steel, LGS) and advanced software is the way forward for the construction industry. As technology continues to evolve, they foresee even greater possibilities for innovation and efficiency in the construction landscape. 

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