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The Benefits of Hybrid Construction

Timber has been the building material of choice for many centuries, but with an increasing demand for more sustainable and efficient building solutions, many are looking to incorporate steel into their projects. 

Instead of transitioning to steel frames for the complete structure of a building, using both timber and steel together is a good first step to a hybrid approach. 

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FRAMECAD Network Summit: "Knowledge Sharing & Networking Was Amazing"

Customers and invited guests joined theteam at our new Customer Success Center in Las Vegas for our first FRAMECAD Network Summit. Participants learned about FRAMECAD's growth plans and were given the opportunity to input their feedback and ideas around our products and services.It was alsoa great opportunity for them to build their knowledgeand tonetworkwithother FRAMECAD users.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Building Applications, Residential

Does the Construction Process Differ Following Steel or Wood Framing?

With many building projects now switching from timber to steel for their structural framing, it’s important to understand the differences in the construction process that follows using either material. You’d be reassured to know that the differences aren’t substantial.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Building Applications, Residential

Exploring the Life Cycle of Cold Formed Steel

The demand to balance digitalization and sustainability in today's construction industry is more critical than ever. To meet this challenge, the prefabrication of cold formed steel has become a popular option due to its numerous benefits and efficient recycling capabilities.

We recently wrote a piece about the sustainability of cold formed steel and the comparisons of steel vs wood, which has opened up discussion about the full life cycle of steel, how is steel created and then recycled? Let's explore the life cycle of cold formed steel from its raw material state to its end use in buildings and how it can be recycled.

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Can CFS Produce the Roof Trusses YOU Need for Your Projects?

Quality assurance, and the sourcing of cost-effective, superior materials, is a primary concern in any modern building project. One approach that can make a substantial difference in project quality and efficiency is to use roof trusses made with cold formed steel (CFS).

CFS roof trusses work well for projects of any common size or scope. They are a very durable and cost-effective alternative to wood trusses, helping building owners and contractors around the world complete projects to the satisfaction and high standards of everyone involved.

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