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F450iT - Versatile, Precise and Economic; a rapid solution for rolling Cold Formed Steel for mid-rise buildings.

In recent blog posts we discussed how quickly mid-rise buildings can be constructed using cold formed steel (CFS), utilising the many benefits of CFS plays a role in solving issues encountered by owners, developers and other stakeholders engaged in building mid-rise projects.

The precision of CFS is important in the construction of mid-rise buildings as even the smallest of inaccuracies can cause undulation in the framing as the building grows taller. Developers, engineers and contractors can hold assurance knowing that the FRAMECAD Software and Manufacturing systems are precise and thoroughly tested throughout FRAMECAD’s vigorous Quality Assurance program.

 “With everything prefabricated to millimetric precision, there’s no need to cut and adjust on site – the cold formed steel arrives ready to go.”

Structural CFS assemblies constructed using the FRAMECAD system meet more regulatory standards globally than any other CFS system available. Because of state-of-the-art software like FRAMECAD® Structure and FRAMECAD® Detailer; engineers and designers can exercise a great degree of flexibility, to meet the demands of 21st-century construction — even and especially when it comes to larger, multi-level buildings, industrial buildings and large residential housing.

What is required in the construction of Mid-Rise building with Cold Formed Steel?

Regulatory standards for CFS will vary depending on geographic location, as local regulations and environmental factors such as seismic, wind and snow loadings can play a part on the structural requirements.

Typically, mid-rise external structural framing will be formed from steel with a gauge (BMT) of between 1.20-1.60mm (16 - 18ga).  As construction moves up the levels, it becomes possible to also decrease the gauge to facilitate further cost savings.

mid rise

For internal walls the framing can be scaled back to a 0.75mm (22ga) gauge profile, weight loadings, height, and seismic conditions will determine the stud centre distances and any bracing requirements. Utilising insulation, resilient channels and gypsum plaster board a variety of UL fire and acoustic assemblies can also be achieved ensuring a comfortable STC rating for the occupiers of the building.

Manufactured on the same FRAMECAD® F450iT as the other internal and external framing options,
an engineered web joist allows for easy service access, larger spans without load bearing internal walls, greater Impact Isolation Class (IIC) performance and greater thermal resistance.


FRAMECAD® has created the world’s most efficient design and manufacturing technology for steel trusses and frames. The F450iT system is the intelligent solution for organisations desiring to deliver large scale production and projects. It uses FRAMECAD® patented technology to give a smart lean design, engineering and fabrication process.


Combined with FRAMECAD’s structural, detailing and manufacturing software the F450iT produces wall frames, trusses and joists for residential, light commercial and mid-rise buildings (up to 6 floors) at an accelerated speed and precision.

Suitable for processing steel between 0.75-1.60mm gauge (22 - 16ga) the F450iT features an exceptional auto gauging system that automatically adjusts gauge range to increase overall productivity and quality. This high precision function allows contractors to construct frames, joists, trusses and assemblies for a mid-rise building all on the same machine, saving more time and allowing for greater returns on investment.

Automated high line speed up to 2,160m/hr results in the industry’s best framing and truss manufacturing output, boasting 12 advanced punching functions for high productivity and versatile components production such as roof trusses, walls and floor joists. 

Manufactured in New Zealand, the FRAMECAD F450iT utilises a specialised Servo-drive motor which partners with a world-leading encoder system, granting punches, cuts and chamfers to be created with less than 0.01mm of deviancy.

Backed by smart Internet connectivity and the FRAMECAD business support tools; the F450iT provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency and accuracy. The range of training, technical and business support assists towards construction completed on time and on budget. Download FRAMECAD Manufacturing systems & Software solutions brochures to learn more information.

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