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Watch how Taynr are constructing in Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Stronger, Faster and Less Expensive

Taynr based in Sacramento California have introduced FRAMECAD steel framing technology to their business and are now able to panelise CFS wall panels in a little over 2 minutes.

James Roberts from Taynr is excited about the introduction of FRAMECAD steel framing technology at Taynr and how they will change the way buildings are being constructed “The frames go together just like an erector set”. This makes the entire penalization process very simple and straightforward.

The introduction of FRAMECAD technology has allowed them to automate the construction process resulting in almost no errors, reduced time to construct and less waste. To date they have had less than 1% waste which is a significant reduction from traditional construction methods like wood where there can be in excess of 20%.

Watch as the Good Day Sacramento Team learn how Taynr are building in CFS Stronger, Faster and Less Expensive

The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern methods. Cold Formed Steel can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution for all types of construction.

Taynr have harnessed this technology and with just 3 people completely penalize a 15 foot wall in a little over 2 minutes with no errors during the process. The studs are produced to a tolerance of less than 0.5mm or 0.02’ reducing in incredibly accurate panels meaning you can have certainty that what you design will be exactly what is constructed.

Watch as the Good Day Sacramento Team witness the speed in which you can construct with CFS using FRAMECAD technology.

By adopting a FRAMECAD system you are able to provide your customers safer, stronger, non-combustible framing solution that can be erected faster. The unprecedented accuracy of the FRAMECAD system means that there is no more than 1% waste. Allowing for less construction time, less-skilled labour and more efficient design. Constructing with FRAMECAD costs less and provides a superior solution to traditional timber methods.

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FRAMECAD is proud to have Taynr as a key partner for using our technology to grow the construction industry in the greater Sacramento area of California. We wish them all the best and look forward to showcasing their projects over the coming months.


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