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Posted by FRAMECAD on Aug 13, 2018 11:07:48 AM


Good customer experience doesn't end once the sale is completed – FRAMECAD provide the tools that support your business and ensure your success whilst using, our range of world-leading software & manufacturing equipment.

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Gain Greater Project Efficiency with Detailed Production Reporting from MyFRAMECAD and My Production

Posted by FRAMECAD on Jul 13, 2018 1:35:35 PM




Available globally and backed by a dedicated team of industry experts, My Production is the only cloud-based portal that supports the production of Cold-Formed-Steel framing. Compiling a range of key production metrics into one easy to monitor location; My Production is your number one tool for optimising efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing unplanned down time.

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MyFRAMECAD reinvents itself, increase your business efficiency with MyFRAMECAD V2

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on May 15, 2018 1:39:44 PM

As a pioneer in the Cold Formed Steel construction industry, FRAMECAD continues innovate with game-changing software and advanced manufacturing technology. 

That is why continuing to develop our customer portal, MyFRAMECAD into an intelligent business tool is a key milestone for FRAMECAD and a part of its continuous improvement philosophy.

Customer success is the core of our business. "We always work closely with our customers to ensure we provide the best product and services for their business growth" Says Mark Taylor, Founder of FRAMECAD.

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Save time and increase accuracy with the new RFY file format in FRAMECAD Factory 2

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Dec 15, 2017 9:19:23 AM

FRAMECAD Factory 2 offers a unique set of advanced and intuitive controller functions.

Improved efficiency

Developed to improve manufacturing and production efficiency, FRAMECAD® Factory 2 is unmatched in its
user capability, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and German.

Save time

The recent Factory 2 release introduced the new option to use the RFY file format. The RFY file format feature allows  users to save time, enhance tooling accuracy and improve intersection fit during the manufacturing process. This feature can be turn on and off according to your manufacturing needs.


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Is design-led construction for you?

Posted by FRAMECAD on Dec 14, 2017 10:44:12 AM

Construction efficiency and generating a higher ROI are primary concerns for any developer, builder and contractor.

Any and every project can benefit from increased speed of construction, without sacrificing quality of building components, regulatory compliance, or skilled engineering or labour. Building with cold formed steel (CFS) using the FRAMECAD System takes care of those concerns.

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