Save time and increase accuracy with the new RFY file format in FRAMECAD Factory 2

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Dec 15, 2017 9:19:23 AM

FRAMECAD Factory 2 offers a unique set of advanced and intuitive controller functions.

Improved efficiency

Developed to improve manufacturing and production efficiency, FRAMECAD® Factory 2 is unmatched in its
user capability, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and German.

Save time

The recent Factory 2 release introduced the new option to use the RFY file format. The RFY file format feature allows  users to save time, enhance tooling accuracy and improve intersection fit during the manufacturing process. This feature can be turn on and off according to your manufacturing needs.


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Is design-led construction for you?

Posted by FRAMECAD on Dec 14, 2017 10:44:12 AM

Construction efficiency and generating a higher ROI are primary concerns for any developer, builder and contractor.

Any and every project can benefit from increased speed of construction, without sacrificing quality of building components, regulatory compliance, or skilled engineering or labour. Building with cold formed steel (CFS) using the FRAMECAD System takes care of those concerns.

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Our new eBook: The endless possibilities of Cold Formed Steel applications

Posted by FRAMECAD on Aug 23, 2017 11:23:36 AM

Whether your construction company chooses to operate in the residential or non-residential sector, cold formed steel (CFS) is a reliable construction method that allows you to commit to tight timeframes and budgets with confidence.

CFS is not limited to a particular building application and can be used in conjunction with other materials.

Whatever your professional project or business model, CFS can work to meet your construction goals and objectives.

Our new eBook explores the following:

  • The benefits and advantages of Cold Formed Steel
  • The (endless) building applications made possible by Cold Formed Steel
  • The multiple CFS construction methodologies
  • Real life case studies.
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Watch the FRAMECAD Structure webinar recording today

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Jul 27, 2017 5:39:14 PM

FRAMECAD® Structure is a comprehensive detailing and design software package with advanced computer-aided engineering capabilities. 

This fast, yet accurate software delivers real time engineering calculations as the designs are created,and can produce over 25,000 calculations per square meter of roof and walls in seconds; a task which would take days, or potentially weeks, if done manually.

With the webinar recording, you will be able to learn all about FRAMECAD Structure with a full demonstration on how to detail and engineer a G+1 residential project using the software.

Register to Watch the FRAMECAD Structure Webinar Recording


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FRAMECAD celebrating 30 years

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on May 9, 2017 2:57:00 PM

30 years of innovation – how FRAMECAD has re-framed the construction industry

In 1987, Mark Taylor saw an opportunity to do things better: he launched FRAMECAD. In 30 years, FRAMECAD has grown from providing consultancy and support to become an integrated set of intelligent software and manufacturing systems. This, combined with exceptional customer support enable the FRAMECAD system to provide an end-to-end design and build solution for Cold Formed Steel, also known as CFS construction. Below is an overview of the key accomplishments over the last 30 years at FRAMECAD.

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