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Steel Framing: The Key to Flood-Resilient Communities and Businesses

In recent years, floods have become increasingly common and devastating natural disasters, affecting communities and businesses worldwide, making them the most common natural disaster globally. As these extreme weather events accelerate, the frequency and intensity of floods are expected to rise, causing significant damage to infrastructure and properties. In response to this growing challenge, the construction industry is exploring innovative solutions to build back better with more resilience. One such solution gaining traction is the use of cold formed steel (CFS) framing. This modern method of construction offers numerous advantages that make it particularly suited for flood-prone areas. 

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Building a Better Tomorrow: Steel Framing and Social Responsibility


There is a pressing need to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in every aspect of US residential construction. One crucial decision that can significantly impact both environmental responsibility and community well-being is the choice of building materials. In this regard, the utilization of steel framing emerges as a beacon of sustainable construction practices with inherent social responsibility benefits. 

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Building Tomorrow's Smart Cities with Steel Framing


As the demand for sustainable and efficient urban development continues to grow in US residential construction, developers and local governments are exploring innovative solutions to construct smart cities that meet future needs. One key element that has gained significant traction in recent years is the use of steel framing in construction.

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Accurate Steel Fab: Revolutionizing US Construction with Steel Framing


Howard Akin, CEO at Accurate Steel Fab & Prime Development Capital, heads a consortium of integrated companies specializing in construction.  Accurate Steel Fab (ASF), is their light gauge steel manufacturing business, which emerged over three years ago with a strategic focus on finding an innovative solution to speed up construction and generate returns for investors. Their adoption of FRAMECAD roll-forming equipment marked a significant milestone, enabling the manufacturing of pre-panelized steel components for US residential construction and commercial projects throughout Texas. 

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The Advantages of Steel Framing in Disaster Prone Areas


In the realm of residential construction, the impact of natural disasters cannot be underestimated. From hurricanes/cyclones and tornadoes to earthquakes and wildfires, various regions in the United States face the constant threat of Mother Nature's fury. In such high-risk areas, the choice of construction materials becomes paramount to ensure the safety, durability, and resilience of homes. One material that stands out as a game-changer in disaster-prone zones is steel framing. In this article, we will delve into the numerous benefits of using light gauge steel (LGS) framing in US residential construction, outlining why it should be the material of choice for developers aiming to build homes that are resilient against the forces of nature. 

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