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Exploring the Life Cycle of Cold Formed Steel

The demand to balance digitalization and sustainability in today's construction industry is more critical than ever. To meet this challenge, the prefabrication of cold formed steel has become a popular option due to its numerous benefits and efficient recycling capabilities.

We recently wrote a piece about the sustainability of cold formed steel and the comparisons of steel vs wood, which has opened up discussion about the full life cycle of steel, how is steel created and then recycled? Let's explore the life cycle of cold formed steel from its raw material state to its end use in buildings and how it can be recycled.

Topics: Market & Industry Trends, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Can CFS Produce the Roof Trusses YOU Need for Your Projects?

Quality assurance, and the sourcing of cost-effective, superior materials, is a primary concern in any modern building project. One approach that can make a substantial difference in project quality and efficiency is to use roof trusses made with cold formed steel (CFS).

CFS roof trusses work well for projects of any common size or scope. They are a very durable and cost-effective alternative to wood trusses, helping building owners and contractors around the world complete projects to the satisfaction and high standards of everyone involved.

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Future Proof the Cost of Termite Damage by Using Cold Formed Steel

Termites are a major source of risk for the global construction industry, costing billions of dollars in damage to both small and large-scale projects.

Termite infestations are considered a high probability in some of the largest population centers of the world, namely the US and Mexico, Africa, most of South America, southern Asia and Europe, and throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Topics: Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

As a Homeowner Why Choose Steel Framing as a Building Material?


Topics: Market & Industry Trends, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Steel vs Wood framing – Which is best for construction?


The construction industry continues to move from strength to strength. But following the pandemic and a new way of life, the construction industry has experienced a surge across the world. Contractors and builders are in high demand due to previously stalled projects coming back to life in a thriving market.

A key decision with any construction project is choosing between asteel and wood framing structure. Here’s all the data you need to compare steel vs wood framing to make sound decisions for your next construction project.

Topics: Market & Industry Trends, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction
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