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Timber Supplier Sydney Frames & Trusses Offer Customers Steel Framing


For the past 20 years, Sydney Frames & Trusses have been serving the New South Wales market in Australia. Originally focused on supplying timber frames, the business quickly recognized the need to diversify its product range to include steel wall frames, roof trusses, and floor joists to ensure a comprehensive solution. Nathan Salama, Production Manager said that the introduction of steel framing to their customers was a well-timed strategic decision aligned with the timber shortages. 

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“The footprint that we use in comparison to timber products is a huge advantage”  

Nathan finds that the FRAMECAD Systems significantly benefit their business, as the technology enables them to produce everything they need, from floor joists to roof trusses is produced within one application. 

Sydney Frames & Trusses take pride in producing designs in-house using FRAMECAD software and they have firmly established a reputation for having some of the most solid cold formed steel (also known as light gauge steel, LGS) frames in the market. 

The pre-punched service holes in the frames offer advantages in terms of installation convenience, eliminating the need for manual cutting and reducing waste.  Furthermore, the CFS frames have the capacity to accommodate all utility trades, resulting in a streamlined process that significantly accelerates construction timelines. 

While wind bracing can occasionally present challenges, these concerns become insignificant with the utilization of steel framing. K-bracing can be seamlessly incorporated within the frame itself not only addressing the challenge but also providing the additional advantage of reducing the risk of errors, further speeding up implementation. 

The team find the FRAMECAD system to be highly sophisticated and user-friendly. After receiving training, their staff are able to effortlessly service the equipment, finding it straightforward and efficient.  

“What we are providing onsite is the best in the game” 

Since incorporating CFS framing into their product portfolio, employment levels have increased by an impressive 40%, reflecting the significant growth and expansion of their workforce.  

Nathan stated, “business has definitely grown since we have introduced steel framing.”

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