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The Benefits of Hybrid Construction

Timber has been the building material of choice for many centuries, but with an increasing demand for more sustainable and efficient building solutions, many are looking to incorporate steel into their projects. 

Instead of transitioning to steel frames for the complete structure of a building, using both timber and steel together is a good first step to a hybrid approach. 

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FRAMECAD Network Summit: "Knowledge Sharing & Networking Was Amazing"

Customers and invited guests joined theteam at our new Customer Success Center in Las Vegas for our first FRAMECAD Network Summit. Participants learned about FRAMECAD's growth plans and were given the opportunity to input their feedback and ideas around our products and services.It was alsoa great opportunity for them to build their knowledgeand tonetworkwithother FRAMECAD users.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Building Applications, Residential

Does the Construction Process Differ Following Steel or Wood Framing?

With many building projects now switching from timber to steel for their structural framing, it’s important to understand the differences in the construction process that follows using either material. You’d be reassured to know that the differences aren’t substantial.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Building Applications, Residential

How to get optimal performance from your FRAMECAD equipment

The innovative and efficient nature of the FRAMECAD system is a driving force behind constructing high quality, cold formed steel buildings in a time-efficient manner. Your FRAMECAD roll forming machine plays a huge part in making sure you can achieve deadlines, produce a quality product and plays an integral role in your business’s success.  

As your cold formed steel construction partners, FRAMECAD are dedicated to helping your organization succeed and return the best results. Within FRAMECAD Factory and MyFRAMECAD we have provided you will all the tools and instructions on how to conduct regular maintenance on your roll forming equipment. 

However, it is also vital that you book in regular servicing as well, we have put together this blog to help you understand the benefits that a regular servicing program will provide your organization.

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CFS: Ideal for both onsite and offsite construction

CFS: Ideal for both onsite and offsite construction

A core advantage of cold formed steel (CFS) is its adaptability and its suitability for the two main construction methodologies: onsite and offsite construction. In this post, we explore the differences between these two construction methodologies, and how the different approaches combine to demonstrate the superb versatility of CFS. 

CFS construction is a building process which is productive and efficient for both onsite and offsite construction. Let’s have a look at how the two methodologies are applicable to residential and non-residential building applications.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Offsite & Modular Construction, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

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