Faster, Accurate and a more profitable construction time; the benefits of cold formed steel construction (CFS)

Prefabricated steel framing is quickly becoming the preferred building method among the world’s leading owner/developers and construction firms.

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Gain Greater Project Efficiency with Detailed Production Reporting from MyFRAMECAD and My Production




Available globally and backed by a dedicated team of industry experts, My Production is the only cloud-based portal that supports the production of Cold-Formed-Steel framing. Compiling a range of key production metrics into one easy to monitor location; My Production is your number one tool for optimising efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing unplanned down time.

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Should you be using single-profile or multi-profile machinery?

Every construction project has unique demands. Those, of course, include specific needs for design and engineering software, manufacturing equipment and the construction materials.

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

The key benefits of using FRAMECAD’s single profile equipment

As a construction company or a developer you need the most durable, efficient precise equipment possible if you’re looking to quickly manufacture and erect standout buildings that will last for generations.

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

Permanent vs. Non-permanent modular construction

Modular construction is now a global-leading construction methodology, because of the cost-efficiency and reduced project schedules it offers to developers and general contractors.

Modular building can be split into two broad applications:

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction