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Fleetwood is Revolutionizing Modular Construction Across Australia


Fleetwood Australia has been in the construction industry since 1964 and has evolved from manufacturing caravan parts to becoming a leader in modular construction. They focus on providing innovative building solutions across various sectors, including education, social housing, and remote accommodation.  

“One of our big remits is education and we do a lot for the state government department and also private schools,” explained Mark Watkins, Sales Manager at Fleetwood. “We've done a lot of work with the government through the MMC, which is the Modern Methods of Construction.”


Modular Construction Approach 

Modular construction at Fleetwood involves offsite construction of building components, that are assembled in a factory environment. These finished buildings are then transported to the site. This method offers several advantages, including improved quality control and faster construction times. According to Mark, steel framing is a crucial benefit in modular construction due to its strength and durability, which helps it withstand transportation stresses. 

Scott Matheson, Production Manager, emphasized the importance of accuracy in modular construction, noting that it contributes to faster and more reliable construction processes. 

Technological Integration 

Technology is vital to Fleetwood’s operations, ensuring they stay current in a rapidly evolving market. They employ various technologies to monitor airflow, energy efficiency and steel innovations that enhance building performance and FRAMECAD technology has been integral to their design and manufacturing processes.  

Design, Manufacture and Build 

Filippo Silicato, National Design Manager, emphasized the importance of the design phase. He said, “the design aspect needs to interface quite heavily with manufacturing and build, so the approach we take is to work collaboratively with the steel team.” 

Wahid Badar, Steel Design Manager, highlighted the importance of FRAMECAD Structure and FRAMECAD Detailer software. These tools provide responsive solutions that integrate well with Fleetwood's manufacturing processes. 

“We try to resolve issues in the design phase to make sure that everything is correct while we are manufacturing,” he explained. 

Fleetwood modular construction Fleetwood modular transportation

Return on Investment 

Fleetwood has seen a significant return on investment from their partnership with FRAMECAD. Technology enables them to meet production schedules efficiently, reducing manual labor and associated costs. The FRAMECAD system's accuracy and responsiveness have made it a crucial component of Fleetwood's operations. 

Flippo said, “I would definitely recommend FRAMECAD to others because it's very easy to use, it's very responsive in our demanding market and it's very accurate.” 

The Future 

Looking ahead Fleetwood anticipates continued growth and further contributions to addressing the housing crisis. Mark sees Fleetwood as a key player in the modular construction industry, with FRAMECAD technology supporting its efforts to innovate and expand. 


Fleetwood Australia's strategic integration of FRAMECAD technology has revolutionized its modular construction processes and enhanced accuracy, efficiency and overall performance. They continue to address critical housing needs and expand their operations across Australia. FRAMECAD remains an essential partner in their pursuit of excellence in the modular building sector. 

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