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Why watching a webinar should be your go-to for FRAMECAD® information

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In this digital age, and particularly in the wake of COVID-19, many people have been rediscovering the benefits of virtual events. Audiences can interact with businesses on so many digital platforms, and webinars are often their first choice when they want information delivered quickly and easily, whenever and wherever it suits them.

Webinars are a constant source of fresh ideas and insights from industry thought leaders, and we’ve been using them to provide our audiences with knowledge, training, and expert advice.

FRAMECAD® webinars – the good, the better, and the downright jazzy

Live (or on-demand) webinars are a great way to learn more about the whole FRAMECAD® system, delve into our advanced roll-forming equipment, or get more out of your FRAMECAD® design and engineering software.

Want to know which roll forming system is the best for your project? We have a webinar for that. Need to know how to better use a specific feature in FRAMECAD® Structure or Detailer? We have a webinar for that too!

Our webinars provide a wealth of information and education, and if there’s something we’ve not covered, you can always get in touch with us directly.

Did you know?

Viewers in 2020 watched three times more webinar content than they did in 2019. ON24, a virtual platform, hosted 19,292 webinars in April 2020 alone, which amounts to roughly 640 webinars per day.

Many working professionals say that video-based learning is their preferred learning format, and 85% prefer the video to be in webinar form. This isn’t surprising, given the flexibility webinars offer – viewers can choose to consume content live, or in their own time, as many times as they like.

Pick the right information for your needs

We know that everyone has different requirements, which is why we’ve designed our webinars to suit different needs. Each series is broken down into handy topics, addressing commonly asked questions, so you can pick and choose what is relevant to you.

Check them out below – the good news is that you can watch them on-demand whenever you need to.

Software Know-How series:

Get the most from FRAMECAD® software with practical tips and tricks from our software experts, in these 30-minute webinars. The Software Know-How series covers commonly asked questions. Our expert Design Engineer focuses on specific functions in our software, giving you practical tips and tricks to help you get the most from it.

Software Deep Dive series:

In the Software Deep Dive series, our host takes you through each software solution in our suite, comprehensively covering their use, applications, and integrations. Delve into everything there is to know about FRAMECAD® Structure, FRAMECAD® Detailer, and FRAMECAD Revlink® in all their technical detail.

Ask the Experts series:

Hosted by our very own FRAMECAD® America experts, the Ask the Experts webinars cover everything from the basics about the FRAMECAD® system, our equipment range, the latest industry news, and trends, and more. If you want to learn how our end-to-end integrated system works, the benefits it can bring to your business and everything in between, these comprehensive webinars are for you.

Ready to learn more? Check out all our webinar recordings here.

Our presenters

Our webinars have the personal touch - hosted by FRAMECAD® software and systems experts - who can all speak to their specialty.

In a consumer survey about webinars, most respondents said that they would like to see a host or presenter that takes questions from the audience.

Our teams answer any questions you might have and provide answers where possible during our live webinar sessions. For more business-specific queries, they’re always available for a chat.

Meet the team on your screen

Software Know-How and Software Deep Dive series - Eric Chastain, Design Engineer

Fondly known as the voice of FRAMECAD® jazz radio, Eric is our expert on all things software design. Eric is responsible for advancing specification of the FRAMECAD system, software support and training to the FRAMECAD® network.

Ask the Experts series – Jonnathan Audiss & Ricky Wimberly, Business Development Managers

Our expert FRAMECAD® America sales team have answered every question there is about the FRAMECAD® construction automation system. They can talk to anything you need to know, such as how the system works, which equipment is best for your business, the most popular equipment for different applications, and more.

Never miss a webinar

Click here to register for all our upcoming webinars or watch all past webinars on-demand.

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