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Accelerate the Manufacturing process with the latest updates of FRAMECAD Factory


FRAMECAD is excited to announce the release of the latest update of FRAMECAD Factory software. Factory is FRAMECAD’s advanced control system software for the advanced Production of Cold Formed Steel. It allows for seamless integration from FRAMECAD Detailer to your FRAMECAD equipment, FRAMECAD Factory maintains complete control of your manufacturing process.

Alongside Factory’s optimised panel layout and intuitive user experience, FRAMECAD have placed further development on some of the software’s already high performing features;

  • Additional improved diagnostic information for the highly accurate servo-drive engine, to identify a possible issue before it causes damage:
    • Active current utilisation – monitor the electrical current use, to see if drive is over working
    • Measured speed (RPM) – ensure you are at full productivity
    • DC Link voltage – ensure the right level of voltage is running through the equipment
    • Heatsink temperature – ensure equipment is running at the optimal temperature
  • Ability to export projects/sticks from schedule (to USB stick, local storage, network drive etc.) and upload directly to the controller system
    • Save common projects and panel assemblies straight to the equipment controller allowing for fast and efficient production set up
  • Maintenance charts/logging
    • Keep equipment up to date and running at full potential with scheduled reminders on due maintenance and advice on suggested performance enhancing procedures. Maintain a high productivity level with equipment running at its optimum levels.  
  • Simple to Connect Wi-Fi Scanning Configurations
    • Simply search for available Wi-Fi networks and connect with traditional Wi-Fi methods
  • Updated Language translations
    • Continuing to be the world’s most widely used Cold Formed Steel manufacturing system, FRAMECAD have added more depth to the Chinese and Spanish language settings on the operating software.

FRAMECAD Factory’s WiFi enabled innovative technology allows real time data to be recorded. Integrating with MyProduction FRAMECAD users can turn production data into powerful business insights, gain better control of output and results, and enable them to optimise production from anywhere in the world.

Get the synergy you need to operate smoothly by benefiting from a fully integrated process where your factory control systems, engineering software and machinery are made by the same company.

FRAMECAD Factory gives you full complete control of the manufacturing process.

Update your FRAMECAD Factory today and continue to run your operations on the World’s most advanced end-to-end system for automated construction of Cold Formed Steel

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