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Seamlessly Integrating Software and Machine: FRAMECAD Factory


There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a new machine only to realise you need to completely translate all your design and detailing work into a whole new format before you can start producing. At FRAMECAD, our focus on ensuring that the cold formed steel construction process is as smooth and efficient as possible drives us to provide a seamlessly integrated end-to-end solution. A key part of that solution? FRAMECAD Factory.Meet the team: Introducing Tom

Software developer Tom joined the team nine years ago straight out of university. From the beginning, he was given the chance to do some experimentation and put his computer science skills to good use – before moving up to become one of the key developers working on FRAMECAD Factory and control systems.

 One of the aspects that makes Tom so passionate about his work is his ability to be creative and have an impact on how problems are solved. “You’re not working on a washer or a tiny little part,” shares Tom. “We’re given a fair amount of leeway and latitude around how to get to a solution.”

 The other aspect he appreciates about working at FRAMECAD is the impact he has on customers.

 “Other companies do good individual components. Some people might have great machines but a terrible software product or great software but terrible machines. Across the board though, you’ll get a full set of great products from us and more than just supervision when you buy equipment – you get pointers on best practice for how to run a steel framing company.”

 From detailing to production and beyond

As our advanced production software, FRAMECAD Factory is the key that holds our machinery and our software together, seamlessly integrating FRAMECAD Detailer and your FRAMECAD roll forming equipment while simultaneously talking to MyFRAMECAD.

 When you’re on-site or in-factory, the last thing you need is to have extra computers taking up room in order to run software. The high contrast, touch-operational screens on FRAMECAD roll forming equipment allow FRAMECAD Factory to be operated from the production floor, allowing you to maintain complete control of the manufacturing.

 This is made possible due to the powerful FRAMECAD control systems. “Equipment control systems are the integrations that take place from the design to the equipment. They help control the accuracy and capabilities of the equipment, and give you the ability to monitor the performance of the machine and create forecasts based on historical data.”

 As you produce frames, trusses, joists, or more through your roll forming machine, FRAMECAD Factory will send clear data directly to MyFRAMECAD about the machine’s production performance, highlighting configuration conflicts between roll forming equipment set-up and specifications of the design file being run. This is also supported by detailed maintenance reports allowing a full understanding of how your equipment is performing. 

 Alongside running the manufacturing equipment, the information gathered automatically by FRAMECAD Factory is vital in providing customers with complete visibility and understanding of your operational performance. As MyFRAMECAD is accessible from anywhere in the world via an online cloud portal, you’ll be able to keep on top of production even if you’re not in the factory itself.

 Designed for client needs
FRAMECAD Factory and the rest of the FRAMECAD System go through continuous developments based on customers’ requirements. Although we develop our products to meet as many customer needs as possible upfront, no business is the same, and you need solutions that are designed for you. Part of Tom’s role is ensuring that happens.

 “Because of my understanding across the entire system, I assist with providing customisations in the software and manufacturing equipment that will specifically address the customers’ needs and business objectives,” describes Tom. “I really enjoy the customisation of customers’ machines – then getting on site and teaching you how to use the equipment and software.”

 One customer, who specialises in creating CFS trusses, wanted to find a way to speed up the process of manufacturing trusses. The solution was a customised, specialised truss machine J325iT.

 “All our equipment can be used for wall frame, roof trusses and floor joists. To improve the speed of production of floor joists, we reviewed the tooling required and then adjusted that tooling and the way the software works to improve the production speed by more than 40%.  We have taken this approach to other applications like trusses to ensure that when customers use FRAMECAD equipment they get the most efficient and fastest equipment on the market.”

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