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Global reach, global experience: Engineering expertise and support


Cold formed steel. A faster, more accurate, flexible method of construction that’s perfect for projects of all sizes – especially when using the end-to-end FRAMECAD System. Sounds like an obvious choice when you put it that way.

However, we know that adjusting to new engineering software (and sometimes to a whole new method of construction) can be daunting – especially if you feel like you’re on your own. You need someone to rely on to provide exceptional training and inductions; someone you know is available to walk you through difficult projects and is always just a call away.That’s where Tibor Kiss, a Building System Design Engineer whose FRAMECAD Structure expertise is second to none, comes in.

Meet the team: Introducing Tibor Kiss

Tibor Kiss started working in the CFS industry 11 years ago while still a structural engineer student – and has since spent his entire career understanding the intricacies of CFS methodology and software – so he’s a fantastic expert to have by your side. From coordinating the manufacturing process to working his way up to an engineering position, he now works on design and detailing, engineering work, software testing and improvements, as well as customer support and training.

In fact, Tibor spends a significant amount of his time bringing his expert knowledge to customers to help them solve problems.

“One of the things I hear all the time at work is ‘customer, customer, customer.’ We don’t just sell our technology, we support people along the way to help them achieve what they’re trying to do,” explains Tibor about the FRAMECAD difference. That could see Tibor talking customers through ideas for how to more efficiently design a structure or helping them get back up and running if something goes wrong.

A passion for cold formed steel

Tibor’s passion for cold formed steel was formed early in his career, and now a real highlight is helping customers transition from traditional construction methods to a CFS methodology.

“Cold formed steel has a huge amount of design flexibility – it can be used for everything from residential houses to large sky rise buildings,” describes Tibor. In some cases, as proven in the United States, CFS can be combined with other materials to construct buildings that are over 40 floors high.

“Because of the variety of buildings and structures that can be built with cold formed steel, it means that as an engineer I’m exposed to a plethora of design types, new challenges and exciting opportunities to try and design something new and innovative.”

However, while FRAMECAD Structure and the rest of the FRAMECAD System is a comprehensive, advanced and innovative offering, the transition from traditional construction methods to cold formed steel is actually a very simple process. “From an engineering point of view, it’s getting your head around the advanced capabilities of CFS – the larger joist spans, less material needed, and the designs that CFS can take on with ease,” explains Tibor on how CFS empowers you to achieve a large variety of design options.

Transitioning into CFS construction is made easier by working alongside a team of experts who can pull from the experience of thousands of customers and their own skills and knowledge. “Most of the challenging situations occur when people switch from traditional construction methods and want to take a look at steel. I love these challenges and feel a great sense of accomplishment when I find a solution to a problem that others couldn’t – when I can suggest a better way of doing things,” says Tibor with an attitude that represents FRAMECAD as a whole.

Pulling ideas from around the globe

At FRAMECAD, our customer support team is made up of the same people who design our software for two simple reasons – a) we want to make sure that you’re getting the best training, induction, and support possible and b) we want to learn from you too. As Tibor travels between countries, he’s able to discover how each of our customers uses the FRAMECAD System, and FRAMECAD Structure in particular, to make sure that our end-to-end system is able to be used in as wide a variety of applications as possible.

Not only do customers get to benefit from the team’s engineering and software expertise; our team of engineers also benefits from customers’ experiences, methodologies, and ideas – using those to make FRAMECAD software even more effective for your cold formed steel construction projects.

“From the global exposure I get helping with engineering designs across 120 countries, I can see how different people construct around the world; I’ve been involved in a variety of design trends,” shares Tibor.

“Customer support is interesting because you see how people in different parts of the world use our system. It’s an eye opener and a great way of learning. Often we won’t have thought of something, but when we see a customer do it, we look at how we can incorporate it into the software so it’s always built for customers.”

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