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US-based Framecor See Steel Framing as an Interrupter to Wood


When US-based Framecore were looking for a better building methodology they came across cold formed steel (CFS) and perceived it as an interrupter to the construction industry and they soon made the decision to invest. Three years on they are constructing residential and commercial buildings for clients across Phoenix, Arizona using steel framing.


Ken Flynn, Operating Partner, saw software integration and continuous software development along with ongoing support as important factors in investing in their first FRAMECAD system. 

The Framecor team uses their FRAMECAD systems to build modular wall and truss systems for single-family residential homes and floor joists and wall systems for commercial buildings. They find their systems to be reliable and support is available from the FRAMECAD team whenever they have any questions or inquiries.  

Ken finds that the majority of clients are accustomed to wood frames, which necessitates the need for an educational journey to familiarize them with steel framing. Once they see cold formed steel (light gauge steel, LGS) in action and talk to clients they quickly convert. 

"If you can control the framing and make that accurate and on time then the rest of the project will generally fall into place"  

The biggest benefits of building with steel framing are accuracy and speed of construction, according to Joe Trednic, Operations Manager. The efficiency and precision during the initial stages of the project enhance the overall outcome with easier, faster completion and superior finishes that are produced during the subsequent trade work.  

Advantages include the need for fewer people and trades onsite due to less labor requirements as 65% of the framing is done offsite.  This results in a cleaner and safer onsite work environment.  

The Future - Pushing the Envelope with Steel Framing 

As for the future, Joe sees technology as a highly important factor and said, “if you are not evolving you are dying”. 

The company plans to continue to expand and develop the business organically and Ken added, “the trend is coming it’s an interrupter to wood and will continue to grow”. 

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