The Backbone to FRAMECAD’s Innovation & Dedicated Customer Support: Who makes up the FRAMECAD team


"The speed of change in the world demands a new approach to construction. Population growth and changing environmental, political and social attitudes are causing many landowners, developers and builders to move away from traditional methods. At FRAMECAD, we look towards modern approaches to construction and for more than 30 years, we have been so excited about innovation in Cold Formed Steel construction to meet these needs."

-  Mark Taylor, Founder and CEO, FRAMECAD 

For the entire team at FRAMECAD, innovation is everything; it’s a catalyst for enablement – whether enabling clients to construct buildings quickly and safely through an integrated system or supporting communities to achieve a better standard of living. We’ve spent 30 years building a team of experts that are dedicated to producing the best end-to-end systems for cold formed steel & automated construction.

The team at FRAMECAD are focused entirely on the customer. We are always looking for continuous improvement. By listening to market needs and our customer’s business objectives, our team works to understand these different requirements, and consistently improve our products and services to meet these needs.

We are excited to start this blog series on the Cold Formed Steel experts of FRAMECAD; the people that have the vision and dedication to improve the way the world constructs. From our passionate account managers and construction experts, to our in-house equipment designers, manufacturing engineers and talented software staff, we are proud to create our end-to-end automated construction systems entirely in-house.

 Over the following three weeks we will walk you through how our systems are created and how our team live and breath Cold Formed Steel construction like no other. We will be giving you an insight into how we deliver a system and support that enables global construction. Including:  

  • Designing FRAMECAD Manufacturing Equipment: Meet the team and how they ensure the best results and custom modifications for our customers.
  • Customer care and after sales support: How you’re at the heart of the FRAMECAD System
  • Complete visibility and ongoing support: How MyFRAMECAD can drive your company’s growth.
  • What makes a high performing CFS Detailing System: How FRAMECAD Detailer has been developed after 30years of CFS Experience and our customers in mind
  • Tapping into FRAMECAD’s engineering expertise: How a dedicated team of engineers and software developers have created FRAMECAD Structure.
  • Seamlessly integrating software and machine: How our multifunctional team of software and engineering specialists turn building plans into a reality
  • Understanding cold formed steel construction: Our in-house team of detailers and engineers discuss how to get the most out of your software
  • Preparing for the future: Learn about how our CFS experts can assist in your adoption of Cold Formed Steel Automated Construction methodologies.

Today, our team speak more than 30 languages, work out of 14 offices worldwide, and provide support to over 120 countries. We understand our customers market because we are right there with them.

This global focus comes through in everything we develop, from FRAMECAD Structure enabling designs that are engineered to comply with local regulations, to the complete flexibility of FRAMECAD Detailer allowing you to detail for all regional design trends and building methodologies.

We are also proud to back our manufacturing equipment with highly trained technicians. As an innovative construction technology construction company, we believe that no matter what, support has to reinforce, bolster, and strengthen our relationships with customers. We do this providing quality onsite and online support so that our customers can achieve optimal design and production.

At FRAMECAD, we are proud of the strong team we have developed globally, and are confident that those who adopt the FRAMECAD end-to-end system reap the benefits of having such a knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate team behind them. When you become part of the FRAMECAD network, you are not only purchasing a design and manufacturing system but a global support network of Cold Formed Steel Experts that you can turn to anytime.   

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction

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