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US-based Framecor See Steel Framing as an Interrupter to Wood


When US-based Framecore were looking for a better building methodology they came across cold formed steel (CFS) and perceived it as an interrupter to the construction industry and they soon made the decision to invest. Three years on they are constructing residential and commercial buildings for clients across Phoenix, Arizona using steel framing.

Topics: Case Studies, Residential

5 Benefits of Using Steel Framing in Modular Construction

The worldwide trend continues to shift towards using offsite construction and modular building methods.   

We examine 5 key reasons why steel framing also known as cold formed steel (CFS) and light gauge steel (LGS) is fast becoming the preferred material of choice over timber in modular manufacturing.   

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Design-led Construction is a Game Changer for U.S. Tori Contracting


U.S. Las Vegas-based Tori Contracting has been building luxury accommodations since 2015, at which time they invested in their first FRAMECAD System.  Their work building wall panels and trusses and joists soon expanded to include commercial and institutional projects as well as residential offerings across Nevada. Tori’s smaller, cohesive structure results in superior workmanship and economical solutions. 

Topics: Case Studies, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction, Residential

FRAMECAD Network Summit: "Knowledge Sharing & Networking Was Amazing"

Customers and invited guests joined theteam at our new Customer Success Center in Las Vegas for our first FRAMECAD Network Summit. Participants learned about FRAMECAD's growth plans and were given the opportunity to input their feedback and ideas around our products and services.It was alsoa great opportunity for them to build their knowledgeand tonetworkwithother FRAMECAD users.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Building Applications, Residential

Does the Construction Process Differ Following Steel or Wood Framing?

With many building projects now switching from timber to steel for their structural framing, it’s important to understand the differences in the construction process that follows using either material. You’d be reassured to know that the differences aren’t substantial.

Topics: Onsite Construction, Building Applications, Residential

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