What makes a high performing CFS Detailing System: How FRAMECAD Detailer has been developed after 30years of CFS Experience and our customers in mind

You know how important the detailing stage is to any kind of construction – and for cold formed steel (CFS) construction, it’s even more vital. Whether you’re working on a small home or an enormous commercial complex, accuracy and adaptability are the keys to ensuring your project is a success.

 So how do you ensure that you’re using the right software? Look at the experts behind it.

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Complete visibility and ongoing support: How MyFRAMECAD can drive your company’s growth.



Cold formed steel construction (CFS) is about much more than simply the steel utilised or the machinery used. If we want the industry to grow (and here at FRAMECAD, that’s exactly what we’re passionate about), we need to be driving visionary, customer-focused technology that ensures CFS construction is future-proofed.  

Topics: Training, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

How to Get Optimal Performance out of Your FRAMECAD Equipment

The innovative and efficient nature of the FRAMECAD system is a driving force behind constructing high quality cold formed steel buildings in a time-efficient manner. Your FRAMECAD roll forming machine plays a huge part in making sure you can achieve deadlines, produce a quality product and plays an integral role in your business’s success.  

As your cold formed steel construction partners, FRAMECAD are dedicated to helping your organization succeed and return the best results. Within FRAMECAD Factory and MyFRAMECAD we have provided you will all the tools and instructions on how to conduct regular maintenance on your roll forming equipment. 

However, it is also vital that you book in regular servicing as well, we have put together this blog to help you understand the benefits that a regular servicing program will provide your organization.

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Join FRAMECAD Training Academy in September in Dubai

FRAMECAD is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive series of 3-day courses to enhance your overall knowledge of Design, Detailing and Software Skills in Light Gauge Steel Framing. Each of these training courses will cover different topics including Advanced Design and Detailing, FRAMECAD Structure and FRAMECAD Detailer training.

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How to maximise productivity using the FRAMECAD Construction process

Speed, precision, strength, durability and sustainability - these are five words used to describe Cold Formed Steel construction, but achieving the fastest ROI with a new construction process can be a challenge at the start. 

In order to achieve the best and maximise  your productivity out of the FRAMECAD CFS technology, a dedicated team of experts can assist in your construction project from Day 1 by offering its solid knowledge and know-how in design and construction.

FRAMECAD is committed to supporting its customers with a proven training scheme to ensure your success. Whether you're starting your factory layout for the first time or you're already well established, from before the construction process starts, through to completion, our experts will be on hand to help you grow and develop based on your unique needs. 

This means your staff can get education and regular skill development to consistently achieve great results and the best ROI.

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Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction