CFS vs the world’s largest outdoor shake table

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Nov 2, 2017 11:03:00 AM

It is well established that not only is cold formed steel much lighter and more elastic than traditional materials like concrete and masonry, it also absorbs energy better by dissipating the force of seismic activity.

To test exactly how well CFS structures are capable of withstanding earthquakes and the fires that often follow them, in June 2016 a team of engineers from the University of San Diego in California constructed a six-storey CFS building.

And, they built it on top of the world’s largest outdoor seismic shake table!

Most interestingly, this was the tallest ever CFS structure to undergo tests on a shake table.

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¿Necesitas la solución perfecta para reconstruir mejor y más seguro?

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Oct 19, 2017 1:16:19 PM


FRAMECAD Mobile Factory es una Planta Móvil que ofrece:

Un inicio inmediato de producción empieza en áreas existentes sin infraestructura / dañada
• Una solución completa con todo el equipo necesario para la fabricación de producción. 
• Costo de transporte económico con bajo impacto ambiental
• Cumpliendo código de normativa y método de construcción duradero
No se demore, contáctenos para asegurar una unidad en nuestro stock limitado disponible para el envío inmediato.

La Mobile Factory FRAMECAD es la solución perfecta para:
• Viviendas de asistencia urgentes en casos de desastre
• Proyectos de reconstrucción
• Trabajos críticos de tiempo

Instalado en un contenedor modificado de 40 pies, el FRAMECAD Mobile Factory se puede equipar fácilmente con los sistemas FRAMECAD F325iT, F450iT y TM300iT. Con un generador diésel incorporado autónomo para proporcionar una fuente de alimentación dedicada para toda la fábrica.
Enviado a su localización deseada y operando en 24 horas de ser ubicado.
Hable con uno de nuestros expertos en soluciones de construcción de vivienda para alivio de desastres y comprenda todas las características y beneficios de la Mobile Factory FRAMECAD.



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Earthquakes don’t kill, poorly designed and constructed buildings do

Posted by FRAMECAD on Oct 19, 2017 11:03:00 AM

When an earthquake strikes, poorly designed and constructed buildings are a major contributing factor to the eventual size and scope of the catastrophe. In many ways, it can be said that it’s not earthquakes that cause human injury and loss of life, but rather it’s buildings that are designed and built with poor strength and resilience.

In this post, we’re going to explore how the best way to save lives in areas of high seismic activity is in fact to design structures that can withstand serious shakes, with the ideal solution being a Cold Formed Steel construction method.

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Time to build safe and resilient construction in disaster areas

Posted by FRAMECAD on Sep 26, 2017 1:37:10 PM

Over the past months, there has been some significant natural disasters across the globe. These disasters have created devastation to communities beyond what could have previously been imagined. These communities now have the monumental effort to rebuild using a construction method that will be more resilient to these disasters in the future. 

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FRAMECAD engaged to assist in rebuilding a school in Fiji after Cyclone Winston

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on May 30, 2017 3:32:09 PM

With natural disasters affecting some of the most vulnerable communities across the world, Build Back Better and Safer principles are becoming increasingly important for rebuilding or strengthening buildings in affected areas and protecting the community against excessive damage from future disasters.

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