Project versatility & time savings with CFS/LGS construction

Antioch Investments, Romania

How building with light gauge steel (LGS) provides project versatility & time savings for Antioch Investments

Cold formed steel (also known as light gauge steel) and the FRAMECAD end-to-end construction automation system provides construction companies with a flexible, versatile building solution.

Antioch Investments, a trusted FRAMECAD network partner since 2015, has implemented the FRAMECAD design-led methodology to their maximum advantage, delivering fast, efficient construction projects for clients across a range of different applications..

With their production centralized in Romania for optimum manufacturing efficiency, Antioch provide a customized service to their clients, delivering a wide range of residential, industrial and service projects across Romania, Sweden, Germany and the Republic of Nauru.


Efficient production for fast project completion

RGBF325iT wDecoilerAccording to Antioch, focusing on steel frame construction using the FRAMECAD system offers efficiency along with a great value-for-money ratio. Using the FRAMECAD F325iT roll forming manufacturing system provides faster production speed, as well as increased reliability and greater versatility. Through efficient production and prefabrication in their factory, Antioch can deliver a shorter production time, and faster delivery and assembly for their clients.


Versatile construction allows wide range of projects

It’s no surprise to see that Antioch Investments have mastered this manufacturing and construction methodology when you look at the efficiency gains and time savings across a wide range of project types – from standalone prefab homes and housing developments to medium-sized industrial buildings and expansions.

Below we look at some of Antioch’s recent projects. All were designed and built to the Euro building code. Antioch’s same eight worker team completed each project, with no additional resource required.



1. Attic extension (Client: Alternative Eco Company)

Slatina, Romania

Antioch_Alternative Eco3Antioch_Alternative Eco1

This 600 sqm attic extension was manufactured in only 14 working days using the FRAMECAD F325iT. The total time taken to execute project from conceptual stage to handover was only 6 weeks after signing the contract.

Profiles: PROFILES C89 , STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95 mm

Total steel: 22 tonnes



2. Private standalone residence - Main house + guest house

Malmo Sweden

Antioch_Malmo private home1Antioch_Malmo private home2Antioch_Malmo private home3Antioch_Malmo private home4

Needing to withstand the cold Swedish winters, cold formed steel, known for its energy efficiency and insulation properties, was the perfect choice for these standalone houses in Malmo, Sweden.

A fast turnaround was also vital. Framing for the 280sqm main house, plus 50sqm guest house, was produced in 10 days using the FRAMECAD roll forming system. And the Antioch team certainly delivered, handing the project over to the client only 7 weeks after the contract was signed.

Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95 mm, rectangular metal tube 100x100 mm

Total steel: 13 tonnes

3. Warehouse extension (Client: Onix Bread Factory)

Bucharest, Romania

Antioch_Onix Bread1

It took only 5 weeks to design, manufacture and assemble this 410 sqm warehouse extension in Bucharest. The 7m high extension required a crane to assemble on-site, with additional heavy structural steel used to secure the LGS to the existing exterior columns.


Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95-1.00 mm and heavy structure

Total steel: 12 tonnes




4. CAR WASH ground floor & OFFICES at first floor
(Client: Elephant SRL)

Stefanesti, Romania

Antioch_Elephant carwash1Antioch_Elephant carwash2

The Antioch team delivered this 756 sqm car wash facility with first floor offices in only 7 weeks (conceptual design to handover). Production took 21 working days, allowing fast, efficient assemble on site.

Profiles: PROFILES C89 , STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 1.00 mm, profile U90 mm

Total steel: 32 tonnes


5. Fast food (Client: CK Financial Development)

Stefanesti, Romania


Taking the idea of fast food to the extreme, this 120 sqm restaurant in Bucharest took only 5 days to complete after signing the contract. Production from the FRAMECAD F325iT was completed in a single working day! Now that is fast.

Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95mm

Total steel: 4.1 tonnes


6. Exterior stairs - IBIS Hotel (Client: Ulba Construct)

Near Otopeni Airport, Romania

Antioch_IBIS hotelAdding an exterior stairwell to this IBIS hotel took only 3 weeks for the 8-person Antioch team. There was no additional manpower or equipment used to produce and install the 144 sqm extension, which was produced in only 2 working days using the FRAMECAD F325iT manufacturing system.

Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95-1.00 mm, PROFILE U90 mm and heavy structures

Total steel: 3 tonnes



7.Residential housing development
(Client: Antioch Investment)

Tunari, Romania

Antioch_Tunari houses2Antioch_Tunari houses3

For eight people to build 16 standalone houses could take months using traditional construction methods. But this development has taken a fraction of the time. Producing the frames for one 137 sqm house took only 3 days using the FRAMECAD F325iT roll forming machine.

Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95mm

Total steel: 6.9 tonnes


8. Shopping Centre (Client: Kasa Interfashion)

Colentina, Romania

 Antioch_Colentina shopping centre2

Antioch_Colentina shopping centre1


It took only six weeks to execute this 1,200 sqm shopping centre project. Production of the framing was completed in 15 working days.

Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95-1.00 mm, PROFILES U90 mm

Total steel: 42 tonnes



9. Private standalone residence

Constanta, Romania

Antioch_Constanta private home1

This 126 sqm steel-framed house, built for a private client, was constructed in only 2 weeks after the contract was signed. No doubt, a very happy homeowner.

Profiles: PROFILES C89, STEEL GD 350 + 275g Zn, thickness 0.95-1.00 mm, and heavy structures

Total steel: 4.5 tonnes

 Antioch_Constanta private home2



For more information about these projects, or to contact Antioch Investments, go to their dedicated page on FRAMECAD Connect.


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