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FRAMECAD  Estimator is Now Here.  Track opportunities, estimate, quote and invoice.


In a highly competitive global construction market accurate cost estimation is a key aspect in the workflow of any construction project. Quoting the correct price for a prospective project could mean the difference between coming in too low and failing to make a profit or pitching too expensively and missing out entirely.

That’s why FRAMECAD have worked with our Global Network Partners to develop the ground breaking FRAMECAD Estimator; optimised for accurate estimating and quoting of Cold Formed Steel projects. 

FRAMECAD Estimator is an online A.I enabled software which makes it easy to accurately track opportunities and manage customer project information.  Estimates, quotes and invoices are all managed accurately and efficiently within FRAMECAD Estimator. 

Featuring a cloud-based Project Management Portal; FRAMECAD Estimator provides accurate quoting, job cost management and profit confidence. FRAMECAD Estimator grants you the ability to pre-set your costs and your terms & conditions to ensure standardised estimation and quotes for your entire estimation and sales teams.   

Easily load your customer base, and manage your sales and estimator teams’ access to the platform; quotes can be assigned against each project, and your sales and estimating team can be assigned against the project in real time. Each interaction with the customer and project can be recorded and is saved in one central on-line location, enabling clear internal communication and quote version control.  

The FRAMECAD  Estimator has the following unique features:

FRAMECAD Estimator is another great example of how we are leading the innovation of business management tools for the Cold Formed Steel Industry. Some of the many benefits of FRAMECAD Estimator for our customers are as follows:

  • Cloud Based Project Management Portal
    • Manage customer contact details, upcoming projects, quotes & tenders
    • Set cost centres required in the manufacture and assembly of CFS frames
    • Set and track project and quote status
    • Personalise contact and customer details for quotes
    • Monitor and compare quotes in one location
  • Three Levels of Quote Complexity Available – Quote according to project complexity
  • Fast: Quote a direct price and enter customer and project details (quote in under a minute)
  • Basic: Quote calculated from predetermined rates and is based on the size of the build and complexity (quote in under 2 minutes).
  • Standard: Assign equipment, steel type, productivity and other associated costs against the project (quote a 150m2 building in under 30 minutes).
    • Quote walls, floor and roof separately and review.
    • Assign number of walls, intersections, windows & doors
    • Assign joist and roof types
    • Calculate labour costs
    • Assign other project costs, such as compliancy and engineering costs
  • Master Cost Centre Set Up – enable consistency across all variables and projects
    • Assign the steel cost and complexity to manufacture and assemble
    • Assign the labour cost and productivity rates
    • Include other materials in the quote such as cladding, internal linings, fittings, flooring and joinery to project
    • Add in engineering, project and services costs to the quote
  • Allocate Variable Data         
    • Project complexity level
    • Transport cost
    • Site access complexity
  • Place multiple quotes against one project to monitor negotiation stages and value engineering with simple and easy to manage user controls.
  • Upload and assign associated documents, architectural plans and engineering drawings
  • Set and track project status – quickly review and track the status of all your projects
  • Record notes to track progress and customer communication
  • Assign quote inclusions and exclusions 
  • Personalised the quote with your own logo, company message and terms & conditions.  
  • Accurate truss costing based on Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technologies
    FRAMECAD Estimator’s A.I algorithms have learnt from over 30 years real-world construction experience, applying the learned knowledge to estimate your truss project costs with exceptional accuracy.
  • FRAMECAD Estimator continues to learn from your project costing results and will automatically calculate the best costing results for trusses in your next project.

FRAMECAD Estimator gives you the ability to successfully quote a project without having to complete a detailed design before going to quote.  This save time and design cost; FRAMECAD Estimator provides your team with confidence of knowing the quote results will be consistent and accurate.  

FRAMECAD Estimator is another business management tool from FRAMECAD.
FRAMECAD is the only CFS system that provides complete End-to-End solutions for rapid and dynamic automated construction.

The FRAMECAD Estimator is only available as part of the MyFRAMECAD Portal for FRAMECAD system customers.

FRAMECAD partner with their customers to ensure business success, our team of technical experts can provide, software, machine and construction training world-wide. Our range of MyFRAMECAD applications arm our customers with the tools to calculate, joists, trusses and walls, upcoming quotes and manage the success of your organisation.

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To Learn more about the end-to-end automated construction technology from FRAMECAD read our eBook, Leading by Design, and see how the FRAMECAD system can improve your productivity and Return on Investment 

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