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Product Update: FRAMECAD Structure v11.1 Release

FRAMECAD is pleased to announce the availability of FRAMECAD Structure v11.1. This new release contains a variety of customer-requested quality improvements and enhancements focused on improving user productivity. 

Structure v11.1 Release

Here are some highlights of the improvements in v11.1: 

Upgrade to IntelliCAD 11  
Brings many improvements to Structure including performance and stability upgrades. 

Improved Viewing of Wall Members 
In the shallow axis (flange side) view, all framing members now show a double line along one edge to indicate the webbed side of the member, and a single line along the other edge which indicates the lipped side of the member. There is also an arrow indicator at one end which indicates the start end of the member (or the end that comes out of the machine first, i.e. the end that has the member information printed). The webbed edge of the material also displays a third line indicating the actual material thickness.  

Material Downgrade (BSET)  
When using the AS/NZS4600 and AISI S100 steel design codes there is a requirement to downgrade the material properties of the steel dependent on the steel grade used. Previously this required a change to the data file and was applied to all designs. This is now a user definable setting in the software.  

The available options are: 

    • ‘Do not downgrade material’ – this will use the material grades as specified in the data file.  
    • ‘Downgrade material’ – all material strengths will be calculated in accordance with:  
        • AS/NZS4600:2018 Clause  
        • AISI S100-07 Clause A2.3.2 
        • AISI S100-12 Clause A2.3.3 
        • AISI S100-16 Clause A3.1.3 
        • AISI S100-20 Clause A3.1.3 
        • CSA S136-16 Clause A3.1.3 
        • SANS 10162-2 Clause 

Please note that material downgrade may not be required if an adequate steel mill certificate or Product Documentation is available, which is to be assessed by an engineer.

Bottom Chord Restraint Spacing Option  
New option when listing a truss (Truss Editor – Effective Length Factors) to optionally change the bottom chord restraint spacing on individual trusses if required.   

Zone for Deep Cee Floor Layouts
Zone option added to deep cee joists which allows for the separation of individual floor setouts for improved manufacturing management. This will aid the import process into Detailer, whereby the individually zoned floor setouts will be imported as separate frames instead of all being combined together as one.  


Improved Tools for Roof Panels 
Hip End Panel Jacks (TSET – HIP method)are roof panels that sit on the horizontal top chords of the hip end truncated trusses. These will replace the hip end jack truss top chord extensions, and as a result, will also incorporate a member which runs along the hip line by default.  

Expanded Panel Notch Command (PN)  
The Panel Notch command can now be used to add notches to the top corners of wall panels. 

More Control of Back-to-Back Truss Layout Directions (TSET)  
Allows the user to preset the orientation of back-to-back trusses on a truss layout plan in TSET.  

Additional Options for Absolute Truss Spacing 
Three options have been added for absolute truss spacings which allow for trusses to be absolutely spaced with the remaining gap at the centre of the truss layout block; at the starting end of the truss layout block; at the finishing end of the truss layout block.  

Extend Multiple Member Entities at Once  
The Member Extend (ME) command can now work for multiple entity selection.  

FRAMECAD Structure v11.1 is available now to all subscribers. 

For more information about FRAMECAD Structure go here.


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