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Product Update: FRAMECAD Detailer v5.2 Release

FRAMECAD is pleased to announce the availability of FRAMECAD Detailer v5.2. This new release contains a variety of customer-requested quality improvements and enhancements focused on improving user productivity. 

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We continually refine and improve our software and release these updates to FRAMECAD Detailer subscribers. This allows you to be more productive in your design, engineering, and manufacturing.

FRAMECAD Detailer v5.2 updates include:

  • Improved commands to place frames and sticks. Alignment of frames and sticks is controlled with a mouse click after the placement of the item. 
  • Improved Panels, including the commands to create them. The pitching line of a panel is now separate from the panel, allowing for more complex shapes, and positioning away from the pitching line, reducing manual calculation and user inputs. 
  • Performance improvements while opening files. 
  • Added new separate commands for Trim and Extend. 
  • Explicit operation alignment. It is now possible to position explicit tools left, right, or center, making switching between machine setups simpler. 
  • Imperial dimension precision. Restrict dimensions when using imperial units to a minimum precision. Limit to 1/4”, 1/8”, 1/16” or 1/32” 
  • Added option to hide cloned frames when printing drawings. Frame quantity will be shown on each frame, with clones included in the main frame’s quantity. 
  • Tool to bulk change the type of explicit operations. 
  • Option to add service holes when using the Auto Panel script. Auto Panel script is used when importing panel outlines from other applications, or drawing panel outlines in the elevation view of Detailer for unusually shaped panels. 
  • New RFY version for use with FRAMECAD Factory 2.12.0 and newer, enabling new tooling functionality.

FRAMECAD Detailer v5.2 is available now to all subscribers. 

For more information about FRAMECAD Detailer go here.


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