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FRAMECAD ST950H: heavy-duty multi-profile solution for large scale production

The FRAMECAD ST950H is a heavy-duty multi-profile system offering fast, efficient, automated production and flexible profile output.

For companies seeking unprecedented productivity and manufacturing capability, we’re excited to announce the release of the FRAMECAD ST950H multi-profile solution.

With heavy duty gauge capacity up to 97mils (2.5mm or 12 gauge) this robust system is ideal for the manufacture of load-bearing wall frames, wide spanning roof trusses or long spanning floor joists. Perfect for large scale production of load-bearing, mid-rise cold formed steel projects.


With 20 adjustable roll forming stations and up to 15 adjustable punch stations built in, the ST950H offers everything you could want for versatile production of high-quality walls, trusses, joists and façades. No other system provides this level of versatility for multi-profile construction across industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Watch the FRAMECAD ST950H product video:



The inline swage ensures fast and easy frame assembly, offering increased productivity for your factory. The FRAMECAD ST950H comes as standard with an automated servo-driven raft to quickly and easily change web width, flange height, and automatically adjust the tooling to match the new profile. These dynamic tooling options provide complete design and engineering flexibility as bolt holes and other punches can be set up anywhere on the profile.

Additional product features:

  • Produces profile 3⅟₂-12” (89-305mm) wide and 1⅟₂-2⅟₂” (38-63mm) high

  • Simple gauging system for quick change between 18-12 gauge or 43-97mils (1.15-2.5mm)

  • Up to 15 adjustable punching stations for high productivity and versatile construction

  • Dynamic punch tools provide unlimited connection options for design flexibility

  • Industry-leading automated high line speed up to 5,400ft/hr (1,680m/hr)

  • Smart internet connectivity provides cloud-based data reporting to enable real-time production management and technical diagnostics to improve efficiency.


ST950H System specifications:


Description FRAMECAD multi-profile equipment
Design software options FRAMECAD Structure & FRAMECAD Detailer
Machine control software FRAMECAD Factory 2
Number of Profiles 4 x C & U profiles available on request
Profile Width (Web) Range 3⅟₂ - 12" or 89 - 305mm 
Profile Height (Flange) Range 1⅟₂ - 2⅟₂" or 38 - 63mm (option to go up to 3⅟₂” or 89mm)
Material Thickness 18 - 12 gauge or 43 - 97mils (1.15 - 2.5mm)
Roll Forming Stations 20 adjustable stations
Punching Stations Up to 15 frame, joist & truss punching stations
Standard Punch Tooling* Service hole, web bolt hole, flange hole, dimple, web notch, chamfer, lip cut, flange cut (left & right), swage, shear, pre-shear, slot (options to add 2 additional tools)
Max Line Speed 5,400ft/h (1,680m/hr)
Typical Production Speed (actual dependent on framing design)

985ft/hr - 1,970ft/hr (300m/hr – 600m/hr)

Main Drive Power

30.8hp (23kW)

Hydraulic Power

13.5hp (10kW)

Hydraulic Reservoir 250L (66 gal)
Ambient temperature 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Length x Width x Height - to top of covers 38.39ft (11.7m) x 5.74ft (1.75m) x 7.05ft (2.15m)
Approx. Weight 28,660lbs (13,000kg)
Mains power supply 380 – 480V
Printer 2 printer heads
Decoiler Capacity 11,00lbs (5,000kg) HD powered decoiler
User Interface and Connectivity 21.5” Touch Screen enabled with Mobile, Wi-Fi & LAN internet connectivity.
*Subject to customer System specification. Due to FRAMECAD’s ongoing innovation, system specification may change.

A full ST950H specification sheet can be downloaded here.


A continued focus on quality and innovation

All FRAMECAD equipment including the ST950H is designed, manufactured and quality assured in-house by our expert design and mechanical engineers. This ensures all FRAMECAD equipment meets our very high standards and tight tolerances and provides FRAMECAD customers the certainty that what is designed will be constructed.

For more information on the ST950H, details or a quote, talk to one of our experts today. 

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