Mira cómo se erige el Hyatt Place Westminster en Colorado en solo 17 días, con Douglass Colony.

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Dec 19, 2017 5:23:00 AM

Este proyecto es el Hyatt Place Westminster en Colorado, EE.UU. El hotel es de 6 niveles con 156 habitaciones. Todos los 644 panales de pared se erigieron en solo 17 días laborales utilizando un equipo de 6 trabajadores (incluyendo solamente la erección de paneles de pared, no incluyo los pisos o obra gris en concreto) 

Los beneficios del utilizar perfiles conformado en frio y paneles fabricado con el sistema FRAMECAD incluyen:
- Flexibilidad total de diseño
- Subconjuntos UL de 1 y 2 horas
- Erección en obra simplificada
- Solución completa llave-en-mano
- Construcción en un ¼ de tiempo

Douglass Colony es el fabricante exclusivo de FRAMECAD para la Región de los Rocky Mountains.

Mire la velocidad de construcción en el video a continuación.

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FRAMECAD by Douglass Colony: Hyatt Place Westminster, USA

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Nov 13, 2017 4:06:34 PM
This project is the Hyatt Place Westminster in Colorado in USA. It is a 6-level, 156-room hotel. All 644 wall panels for this project were erected in just 17 working days using a 6-man crew (this project included only wall panel erection - no floor install, or concrete work).

The benefits of FRAMECAD panelized metal stud framing include:
- Total design flexibility
- 1 & 2 hour UL assemblies
- Simplified field erection
- Complete turn-key solution
- Construction in ¼ of the time

Douglass Colony is the exclusive FRAMECAD manufacturer for the Rocky Mountain Region.

Watch the speed of construction in the video below.
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The partnership between FRAMECAD and Intellisteel is poised to disrupt the construction industry in the U.S. for years to come.

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Sep 15, 2017 5:05:19 PM

Together, these two innovative companies make construction faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.

The FRAMECAD System is a modern method of construction offering a faster way to design and build strong, durable Cold Formed Steel (CFS) frame buildings easily and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

Intellisteel has taken this solution to another level, introducing a fully mobile, on-site steel frame factory that incorporates the FRAMECAD System into its advanced manufacturing process.

This process eliminates the risk and cost of freight, improves scheduling and increases reliability on-site. It also creates computerized precision-formed metal studs and tracks to a millimetre tolerance, reducing the need for skilled labour. It’s impossible for traditional framing to match the speed of this production method for walls, trusses and joists, or for an entire superstructure.

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CFS: A dream for residential construction projects

Posted by FRAMECAD on Sep 7, 2017 11:04:00 AM

Cold formed steel is an innovative method of construction that can be used in a range of residential building applications.

From single level homes to multi-storey buildings and apartments, from affordable housing to luxurious dwellings, CFS is a fast and cost-effective solution that can optimise and enhance your construction projects.

Whatever the residential construction applications you specialise in, CFS technologies can do it better and more efficiently and offer endless possibilities to respond to the scope of any project.

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Construction project case studies from our new eBook

Posted by FRAMECAD on Aug 31, 2017 9:55:26 AM

The advantages of cold formed steel (CFS) applications are endless.

Whatever your role within the construction industry, the best way to demonstrate the versatility that CFS can bring to construction projects of all sizes, is through case studies.

Chapter 3 in our new eBook “The Endless Possibilities of Cold Formed Steel Applications” looks closely at CFS applications and methodologies in the residential and non-residential sectors.

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Predicting the disruption of the global construction industry (Part 2 of 2)

Posted by FRAMECAD on Aug 10, 2017 9:52:46 AM

In the first part of this two-part blog series, we looked at McKinsey’s report Imagining construction’s digital future, that asserted the global construction industry is “ripe for digital disruption”.

The report discussed how the global building sector is lagging in the digital age and needs to embrace technology if it wants to retain efficiencies and profit margins. With the majority of the world’s industries now reliant on software  and on the Internet to produce efficiencies previously unattainable through traditional practices, it’s only logical for the construction industry to become similarly digitally aligned.

This blog goes into detail about how FRAMECAD is perfectly placed to be a central part of the construction industry’s shift into a digital future.

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Discover how Dynamic Steel Frame constructed Australia’s largest LGS apartment building

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Aug 3, 2017 1:31:46 PM

The construction industry can be conservative. But no one told that to Dynamic Steel Frame, who now hold the honour of having constructed the largest light-gauge steel (LGS) three storey apartment building in Australia using the FRAMECAD System. Located in the inner-western suburb of Yarraville, Melbourne, this three-level residential building illustrates how LGS is changing today’s approach to construction.

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Watch the construction of a Cold Formed Steel single storey residential building.

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Jun 12, 2017 9:27:40 AM

This single storey dwelling was completed with the FRAMECAD System. This video demonstrates all the steps followed to successfully complete this residential building.

This 358m2 single-storeyhouse is located on a 3037m2 piece of land and offers:

  • Four bedrooms
  • A study
  • A veranda
  • A double garage

After only 48 hours of detailing, the project was fully designed, engineered and compliant with the local design code.

Watch the evolution of the project from beginning to end.

The main challenge of this construction was the complexity of the veranda roof design with overhangs, different roof heights and the main roof structure which did not line up with the veranda roof.

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FRAMECAD engaged to assist in rebuilding a school in Fiji after Cyclone Winston

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on May 30, 2017 3:32:09 PM

With natural disasters affecting some of the most vulnerable communities across the world, Build Back Better and Safer principles are becoming increasingly important for rebuilding or strengthening buildings in affected areas and protecting the community against excessive damage from future disasters.

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Is CFS the answer to the global population boom? India thinks so

Posted by FRAMECAD on Mar 10, 2017 9:37:40 AM

India is implementing an innovative and large scale urban renewal program in order to cope with its immense population, continued rapid population growth, as well as the global trend of intense urbanization.

This program is called Smart Cities Mission - a Government-led initiative that aims to develop 109 cities across India, into modern, livable and sustainable cities.

In this blog we explain how CFS construction methods are being used to meet the world-wide need for rapid construction to meet the population boom. This need is relevant for nations and economies all around the world, both developed and developing.

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