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Intellistructure Transforms Residential Construction with LGS Framing


Intellistructure is based in Panama City, Florida and specializes in providing innovative steel framing and structural components to the US residential construction industry across the East Coast regions that are vulnerable to hurricanes, high windstorms and heavy rainfalls. The frequency of hurricanes demands a construction solution that can withstand such natural disasters. 

Topics: Case Studies, Residential

Orlando Steel Framing: Manufacturing Excellence for US Construction


Operating for the past two years, Orlando Steel Framing has emerged as a leading manufacturer of cold-formed steel (CFS) framing in US residential construction and commercial projects. Under the visionary leadership of President and CEO David Chai, the company has redefined construction in Florida with a profound commitment to efficiency, innovation and sustainability. David's strong background in manufacturing, combined with his experience in construction, sets the Orlando Steel Framing team up for success under his leadership. 

Topics: Case Studies, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction, Residential

Intellisteel Disrupts the US Construction Industry with Steel Framing


Intellisteel is a leading design manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing that has emerged as a disrupter in the US construction industry. This case study highlights the key challenges and opportunities that Intellisteel has faced and the transformative impact of cold formed steel (CFS) on the construction sector. 

Topics: Case Studies, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction, Residential

Manor Homes Moved to Steel Framing for an Ideal Modular Home Solution


Manor Homes are a family-owned business based in New South Wales, Australia and have been operating for the last 30 years and offer transportable homes to the market. They specialize in modular homes for people relocating out of cities to lifestyle blocks in rural areas. Initially, their homes were constructed using timber framing. However, they recognized that their customers could benefit significantly from steel framed homes, which ultimately led them to implement this change.

Topics: Case Studies, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction, Residential

Topsteel Solutions are Innovating with Hybrid Steel Structures


Specializing in light gauge steel framing and structural steel, Topsteel Solutions is a leading player in hybrid steel structures, focusing on both residential and commercial buildings across New South Wales, Australia. 

Topics: Case Studies

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