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Seamless integration to Revit for a faster, smoother design process

FRAMECAD announces the release of
FRAMECAD Revlink - integration to Revit


Today’s construction market is increasingly competitive. It is clear that Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies and design-led construction methodologies speed up the construction process and help contractors win more work. However, to take full advantage of the benefits BIM offers, the construction process must be easily and seamlessly integrated, ensuring the final design model is reflective of all changes.

With the launch of FRAMECAD Revlink you work seamlessly between Revit and FRAMECAD Detailer speeding up the design process, secure in the knowledge that you have one complete model available at all times.

FRAMECAD Revlink enables you to quickly export the building design from Revit straight into Detailer to generate the cold formed steel (CFS) frames. The integration is two-way and very fast to run. The complete design exists in Revit, but you can easily create the CFS frame design in Detailer, perfectly accurate, and ready to manufacture.



Key benefits of FRAMECAD Revlink:

  • Seamless integration between Revit and FRAMECAD Detailer
  • Speeds up the design process
  • Simplifies the frame design
  • Reduces the risk of mistakes and rework as you are working in one design model
  • Easy to modify the frames as required in either software, and update the other design
  • One complete BIM model
  • Simple and intuitive to use.

This all leads to a faster and more accurate design process, saving you time and money in the design, manufacturing and construction processes.


Innovating for faster construction and better built environments

At FRAMECAD®, innovation is everything. It’s a catalyst for growth – whether it's enabling clients to construct buildings quickly and safely through an integrated system or supporting communities to achieve a better standard of living - we’ve spent 30 years researching and testing a platform that people can rely on. The launch of FRAMECAD Revlink is another example of this focus on innovation.

FRAMECAD CEO and Founder, Mark Taylor says, “At FRAMECAD we are focused on delivering a seamless solution to our customers. As design software such as Revit become more prevalent our team have been working tirelessly to integrate those tools to our software to make the process simpler, easier and more accurate."

Detailer is already recognized as the most versatile CFS design software - incredibly easy to use, whilst being able to design almost anything you need. With the addition of FRAMECAD Revlink customers can now use the powerful Detailer framing engine in conjunction with Revit to complete the building design.

FRAMECAD Detailer is a powerful tool that saves time and cost in frame, panel, truss and joist design for cold form steel construction.  Available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian, FRAMECAD Detailer will accelerate your construction project.

FRAMECAD provide the tools that help you gain business success. Our range of world-leading software, manufacturing equipment, online support and training programs are created to help your business increase productivity and return on investment.


Already a FRAMECAD customer? You can purchase FRAMECAD Revlink now direct from MyFRAMECAD.

Not a FRAMECAD customer? Want to know find out more about how the end-to-end FRAMECAD System can benefit your business. Talk to our experts today.

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