Eliminate Engineering Rework and Reduce Costs with FRAMECAD Structure


For those who have worked with FRAMECAD for some time, it will come as no surprise to hear when a new software update is released. Constantly evolving and improving our engineering software offerings is a core part of what makes us different – and we do this by staying at the cutting edge of developments as well as listening to you, our customers, to find our what it is that you need from our products.

 The value of engineering software

 The core benefits of working with specialised engineering software are related to efficiency and accuracy. Calculations that would take weeks to be undertaken manually can be completed in seconds with the right software – and FRAMECAD Structure (part of the wider FRAMECAD suite of products) is able to do that for you when it comes to working through design and detailing of cold formed steel-based structures.

 Working with engineering software like FRAMECAD Structure greatly reduces the chance of error and eliminates reworks. That’s due to its automated calculation of required building codes and ability to calculate the best structural outcomes.

 What quality engineering software does for you

 By selecting a system that integrates cutting-edge software and top-of-the-line equipment, it’s a virtual guarantee that you will save time and money and enjoy a smooth journey from concept to execution.

 In choosing a system that works with building codes  from all major countries, you ensure that any engineering issues with your design are flagged immediately. For example, you’ll be alerted if the design does not meet the local design code so that prior to submitting the design for engineering approval this can be rectified, thus enabling a fast approval process.

 By having the software compare the engineering calculations to the local building codes; FRAMECAD Structure reports back on if it complies or not. As a result, if a panel, truss or joist is at 200% of compliance requirements, the designer will be able to reduce the amount of steel in the design whilst still having confidence that it will be approved by an engineer. This saves time in the engineering process and ensures that you’re using the correct amount of steel, saving time and money.  

 Working with a proven, reliable engineering software system means that you will be able to make smarter decisions on your construction projects. It’s a way to walk the talk of value engineering – allowing you to make amazing projects happen while being more economical with resources.

 Traditional vs. design-led CFS

So how does the experience of using engineering software differ when building with cold formed steel compared with traditional building methods such as timber or block?

 The key differences come during the design and engineering process. During a traditional build for a 250m2 house, frame detailing can take up to 6 days. Frame and structural engineering adds on up to 5 days, followed by further frame detailing, engineer signoff, and workshop drawings. Overall, the process to take an architect’s design to building authority can take anywhere between 13 and 20 days – and that’s without too many changes.

 Now compare that with a design-led approach using engineering and detailing software like FRAMECAD Structure and FRAMECAD Detailer.

 Utilising FRAMECAD Structure, frame detailing and real time engineering can be completed alongside each other in only two days. Getting sign off from an engineer and creating workshop drawings can happen instantly in just a day. In all, the process from architect’s design to building authority takes just three to five days – a saving of up to 15 days.

 What’s more, by using engineering software like FRAMECAD Structure, the rest of the process is sped up as well, with engineering and BIM information instantly ready for building authority signoff and, using the rest of the FRAMECAD System, construction time sped up considerably too.

 FRAMECAD Structure: your value engineering software partner

 FRAMECAD Structure is a powerful  design and engineering software. It provides users with advanced engineering capability in addition to BIM software compatibility. Structure enables precision in cold formed steel design and manufacturing unlike anything else .

 By making real time calculations and assessments, FRAMECAD Structure gives you a straightforward means of ensuring that your engineering is compliant prior kicking off the manufacturing process. And it’s fast too – Structure makes 190,000+ calculations on one truss in a design in under a second to ensure that design will meet the necessary design requirements.

 Many engineering companies focus their marketing on providing value engineering – but with FRAMECAD software, the power is in your hands. Our software allows you to make decisions on your own while knowing that you are supported my the world’s most compliant system for cold formed steel

 An engineer will still need to be part of the sign-off process, but up until that point, with our software you can plan and dream as big as you like, without having to be involved in a costly  back-and-forward with a engineer at every step of the process.

 It’s our way of empowering our customers to take control – and to save money in the process.

 What does the future hold?

FRAMECAD’s multi-disciplinary team is always working to ensure that all aspects of the FRAMECAD system are as powerful and revolutionary as possible. Be assured that we won’t be resting on our laurels. Instead, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our product – and in turn, our customers’ experiences of working with FRAMECAD.

 Watch this space to see what the future holds. There are exciting new developments in the pipeline for FRAMECAD Structure – our cold formed steel engineering design software that integrates in the way that you need it to. If you want to talk through how the new generation FRAMECAD Structure can work for you, get in touch with us today.

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