Addressing the world-wide shortage of skilled labour in construction

Addressing the world-wide shortage of skilled labour in construction

Highly-skilled professionals are becoming scarce, as the demand for quality residential and commercial buildings is going up around the world. 

recent U.S. News & World Report article points to the strain on the construction industry due to skilled labour shortages. Many large planned projects in the U.S. are encountering delays, leaving construction firms scrambling to recruit properly-trained staff. But this trend isn't unique to the States...

By adopting a design lead process, which includes advanced structural and engineering software, manufacturing systems, the FRAMECAD system pushes the requirement for skilled labour up the construction process, allowing for better accuracy and efficiencies.


The extent of the skilled labour drought around the world

If there’s one thing that construction sites around the world have in common, it’s their lack of labor.

In the States, 35% of job listings take over a month and a half to get filled. Meanwhile, in the other hemisphere, South Africa and Australia each face major infrastructure development projects without enough skilled workers to get the jobs done.

This skilled labour drought is resulting in halted projects and loss of prospects for developers and contractors. But as these demands grow, construction businesses might want to change tactics - it’s not the people who they need to focus on. Rather, it’s the type of materials they’re using.


How FRAMECAD and CFS construction reduce the need for highly-skilled labour

The FRAMECAD process is a unique methodology that enables fast, superior construction with less dependence on skilled workers. This plays out in a number of ways.

For one, with the FRAMECAD system, skill demands are shifted upstream. With upfront design and engineering, CFS components are quickly visualised. They're then prefabricated with the help of FRAMECAD manufacturing equipment and are easily transported. The process spares onsite demands on labour personnel. 

Cold formed steel itself is relatively easy to work with. CFS is lightweight, yet very strong. Assembly and erection are accomplished with common tools, and can be easily taught to local workers. 

With the FRAMECAD online platform, communication is streamlined. Drawings and instructions can be easily shared onsite via mobile devices. Combined with the ease of CFS assembly, this makes for greater project momentum. 

For these reasons, the FRAMECAD system makes a broader possible portfolio of projects possible, even in parts of the world where skilled labour is scarce. Projects can move forward with fewer resources diverted towards recruitment. 

The advantage of FRAMECAD training and manufacturing equipment

With unskilled labour, training and simplified processes are key to productivity. FRAMECAD provide both, making the labour pool in any locale even more valuable.

First, our training thoroughly covers all parts of the FRAMECAD construction methodology, from initial design to frame erection. Whether at our offices or onsite at your location, beginner-to-advanced training is available in CFS frame and truss assembly, tools, safety procedures, and more. 

FRAMECAD also offer single-profile manufacturing equipment that’s suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential projects, simplifying profile fabrication for unskilled workers. 

Unlike with multi-profile equipment, each single-profile system produces one type of CFS profile and makes automatic calibrations to handle different specified thicknesses. With only one prescribed profile type, roll changing needs are reduced.

Workers do not need extra training on adjusting roller gangs or creating multiple profiles, which streamlines CFS frame and truss production. And, unskilled staff can quickly be brought up to speed on equipment operation.

FRAMECAD is in a unique position to help in the skilled labour crisis. Because our design-led process makes for faster, more accurate construction with less skilled labour, developers and firms can enjoy healthier resource management while producing high-quality, strong, and stable cold formed steel buildings. 

Talk to a FRAMECAD Steel Framing Expert today and discover how our world leading technology will help your organisation save time and require less skilled labour.


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