Learn How to Create Accurate Estimates & Quotes Without Creating a Detailed Design

Project Managers, Developers & Contractors always want two questions answered at the beginning of any construction process:

  • How much are the materials, labour and support services going to cost?
  • How long is it going to take to complete the project?

Very often these two questions are expensive and time consuming to answer even before the project is awarded.

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FRAMECAD  Estimator is Now Here.  Track opportunities, estimate, quote and invoice.

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Save time spent on Structural Engineering, with the latest update of CAD Based FRAMECAD Structure 9.0

FRAMECAD is excited to announce the latest release of Structure. This is a significant upgrade which has improved software integration, engineering, design and detailing options FRAMECAD Structure is the most advanced engineering and design software available for Cold Formed Steel.

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Accelerate the Manufacturing process with the latest updates of FRAMECAD Factory

FRAMECAD is excited to announce the release of the latest update of FRAMECAD Factory software. Factory is FRAMECAD’s advanced control system software for the advanced Production of Cold Formed Steel. It allows for seamless integration from FRAMECAD Detailer to your FRAMECAD equipment, FRAMECAD Factory maintains complete control of your manufacturing process.

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Eliminate Engineering Rework and Reduce Costs with FRAMECAD Structure

For those who have worked with FRAMECAD for some time, it will come as no surprise to hear when a new software update is released. Constantly evolving and improving our engineering software offerings is a core part of what makes us different – and we do this by staying at the cutting edge of developments as well as listening to you, our customers, to find our what it is that you need from our products.

Topics: Latest Products, Design Led Construction & Software

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