MyFRAMECAD reinvents itself, increase your business efficiency with MyFRAMECAD V2

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on May 15, 2018 1:39:44 PM

As a pioneer in the Cold Formed Steel construction industry, FRAMECAD continues innovate with game-changing software and advanced manufacturing technology. 

That is why continuing to develop our customer portal, MyFRAMECAD into an intelligent business tool is a key milestone for FRAMECAD and a part of its continuous improvement philosophy.

Customer success is the core of our business. "We always work closely with our customers to ensure we provide the best product and services for their business growth" Says Mark Taylor, Founder of FRAMECAD.

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FRAMECAD’s leading auto-gauging system saves time and costs.

Posted by FRAMECAD on May 3, 2018 4:54:49 PM

Creating steel profiles traditionally requires a lot of fine manual adjustments to roll forming machines. With the FRAMECAD machines, this is all but eliminated.

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Save time and increase accuracy with the new RFY file format in FRAMECAD Factory 2

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Dec 15, 2017 9:19:23 AM

FRAMECAD Factory 2 offers a unique set of advanced and intuitive controller functions.

Improved efficiency

Developed to improve manufacturing and production efficiency, FRAMECAD® Factory 2 is unmatched in its
user capability, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and German.

Save time

The recent Factory 2 release introduced the new option to use the RFY file format. The RFY file format feature allows  users to save time, enhance tooling accuracy and improve intersection fit during the manufacturing process. This feature can be turn on and off according to your manufacturing needs.


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Top 4 reasons to choose quality fasteners in Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Construction

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Dec 4, 2017 3:28:06 PM

Here are the top four reasons why choosing low cost screws for CFS production can cost your business in other ways.

1.    Ultimate Strength
Fastener failures are costly, premium fasteners are not.

Wire stock – Consistent quality is key.
Wire stock quality is a key ingredient in the performance of fasteners, fastener manufacturers should perform regular checks on wire they receive and ideally every coil should be tested, all FRAMECAD fasteners are from individually tested coils with full traceability to the originating coil.

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Descubra los beneficios de usar acero conformado en frío para cerchas de techo

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Nov 28, 2017 2:00:00 AM

Excelente alternativa a la madera

Las cerchas de acero conformadas en frío tienen las mismas capacidades que las cerchas de madera. Pero hay ventajas adicionales. Son más ligeros y en todos los sentidos más estables que la madera. La mayoría de las cerchas de techo en ACF están 
diseñadas y prefabricadas con la ayuda de software. Esta flexibilidad de diseño hace que los marcos de acero conformadas en frío sean ideales para casi cualquier tipo de edificio, incluidas las estructuras residenciales, comerciales, institucionales, educativas e industriales.

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