3-level assisted living project fabricated and assembled in only 13.5 weeks, by the Intellisteel group

Posted by FRAMECAD Team on Apr 27, 2018 9:28:48 AM

In the US, the framing industry is changing rapidly. Concrete contractors are becoming a rarity and timber continues to offer challenges due to inferior material and a lack of availability. These days, US construction companies are turning more and more to cold-formed steel (CFS), and FRAMECAD partner Intellisteel is revolutionizing how these steel framed structures are built.

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A truly innovative process
While Intellisteel’s advanced process for manufacturing and assembly uses the FRAMECAD manufacturing equipment and software package to develop framing and panelling directly on-site in mobile factories, the planning is done well in advance. It begins when the architect completes their design for a project, and Intellisteel converts the plans into a steel frame design using FRAMECAD’s software suite. From there, Intellisteel looks at areas where they can add their expertise, like identifying how and where structural and non-structural steel can be reduced to lessen the need for foundations, or other design and cost benefits.

Once Intellisteel’s design is confirmed, the real action and innovation happens on the job site. Utilizing the FRAMECAD manufacturing equipment and software package as a part of its process, Intellisteel works hand in hand with the general contractor and the framers to produce every structure from the foundations upward using their proprietary on-site mobile factories. They manufacture panels and trusses to be erected quickly and easily, allowing for instant flexibility to make changes – unlike pre-fabricated panels that are shipped in from off-site.

Discover how constructing Sage Park was a "walk in the park" for the Intellisteel Group by reading the full case study


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