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FRAMECAD F325iT-L: More options for walls, joists, trusses, mods & pods


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Seamless integration to Revit for a faster, smoother design process

FRAMECAD announces the release of
FRAMECAD Revlink - integration to Revit


Topics: Latest Products

FRAMECAD TF550H: Cost savings & efficiency gains for mid-rise projects

FRAMECAD is delighted to announce the latest release of our TF550H system. Developed for optimal delivery of mid-rise construction projects, this industry-leading system now allows up to two separate flange heights making production of floor joists, wall frames, and trusses even faster and more economical.

Built for optimal engineering-based design and manufacture of mid-rise applications, the TF550H now offers the ability to have one or two flange height options:

  • 1 5/8” flange (with nominated web) as standard; and
  • With either a 2 or 2 ½” flange as an additional option.

Topics: Latest Products

FRAMECAD FL650: Faster & smoother flooring for multi-level buildings

FRAMECAD is excited to announce the release of the updated FL650 system. This heavy-duty, floor joist manufacturing system is ideal for heavy flooring, residential and multi-story construction or large-scale flooring projects.

During an extensive review and redesign process, FRAMECAD’s product engineers have refined many operating features resulting in easier operation and faster production. Additions and upgrades include:

  • 43 - 97mls (1.2 - 2.5mm) or 18 - 12 gauge
  • Multiple flange heights available from 2 - 3”
  • Extruded 6 ½” service hole.

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Improved speed, performance and design flexibility, with the latest update of CAD-based structural engineering software, FRAMECAD Structure V9.1.1

Structure V9.1.1 delivers advanced design engineering capabilities, saving you time and money

FRAMECAD is excited to announce the latest release of our structural engineering software: FRAMECAD Structure V9.1.1.

With many updates and improvements based on direct customer feedback, changes will result in faster detailing of trusses, reduction of manual editing, and a much simpler approach when detailing.

Now upgraded to the latest IntelliCAD 9.1 integrated engineering platform, FRAMECAD Structure saves you time and money by automating more engineering calculations than ever before. Completing over 25,000 calculations per square meter of roof, floors and walls in seconds, FRAMECAD Structure can improve your engineering time by up to 80%.

Topics: Latest Products

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