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4º Congresso Latino Americano Steel Frame & FRAMECAD True Experience

Em sua 4ª Edição, o Congresso Latino-Americano Steel Frame traz os maiores expoentes do setor para discutir os novos cenários além de projetos que estão revolucionando a construção civil.

A FRAMECAD, uma das empresas mais avançadas do mundo com soluções de construção em estruturas de aço estará estará no  4º Congresso Latino-Americano de Steel Frame e promoverá uma experiência única:  


Topics: Tradeshows & Events

Avoid the Impact of Labor and Material Cost Increases with FRAMECAD

They say, the only thing that is consistent is change, and thanks to the basic rules of supply and demand the cost of materials and labour are continuously changing. When construction is booming labour and materials are on high demand and supply can often be low, resulting in an increased price for both quality labour and quality materials. The following blog discusses some current market conditions and how FRAMECAD can help you control the growing cost of labour and amount spent on building materials.

Topics: Design Led Construction & Software, Offsite & Modular Construction, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

FRAMECAD are proud to Release their latest Video:  FRAMECAD – The Way the World Constructs


Around the world demand for quality construction is greater than can be supplied with traditional methods.   Population growth, economic development, and environmental pressure need another way to construct in an accelerated manner. Additionally, political and social change are leading landowners, developers and designers to adopt modern methods of construction.

Join FRAMECAD at Architect Expo from 30 April to 5 of May

Held at Impact Exhibition & Convention Center Bangkok on 30 April to 5 May 2019; The Architect Expo showcases the latest, materials and technology for sustainable design and construction.

The FRAMECAD team will be on-site, booth D416, to discuss how the FRAMECAD System can help your business to provide safer, stronger and rapidly constructed buildings. 

Topics: Tradeshows & Events

How webbed headers save time and money: Designing and building webbed headers with FRAMECAD

 When constructing a building it’s no secret that lintels are required when constructing openings in the building’s envelope. These are generally used to span the opening for structural load-bearing purpose, but in some occasions can be used for aesthetic purposes too.

Steel Lintels are generally made from pre-galvanised steel which is cut and roll-formed into the required shape. Predominantly a light weight material; steel lintels/headers are easier to handle on site or alternatively, are easily prefabricated into the wall panels.

Topics: Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction, Web Lintels

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction