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Should you be using single-profile or multi-profile machinery?

Every construction project has unique demands. Those, of course, include specific needs for design and engineering software, manufacturing equipment and the construction materials.

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

The key benefits of using FRAMECAD’s single profile equipment

As a construction company or a developer you need the most durable, efficient precise equipment possible if you’re looking to quickly manufacture and erect standout buildings that will last for generations.

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

Permanent vs. Non-permanent modular construction

Modular construction is now a global-leading construction methodology, because of the cost-efficiency and reduced project schedules it offers to developers and general contractors.

Modular building can be split into two broad applications:

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

The modular construction evolution of the hotel industry

Given the complexity of hotel construction projects, a constant task for developers is to cut costs, improve timelines, and lower risks on site — all while maintaining the quality and durability of buildings.


One possible solution is modular construction. With this technique, building units called ‘pods’ or ‘modules’ are pre-built offsite in a climate-controlled factory environment. Modules are then transported to the building site for stacking or side-by-side placement using cranes. Onsite labor then handles detailing and finishing.

Topics: Offsite & Modular Construction

Con su nueva versión, la TF550H se convierte en la mejor opción para construir edificios de media altura.

Descubra el FRAMECAD TF550H actualizado con su nuevo diseño que permite un ensamblaje más fácil y eficiente de acero conformado en frío (CFS) de calibre 2 mm o de calibre 14. 

El sistema TF550H utiliza la tecnología patentada FRAMECAD® para proporcionar un diseño inteligente, ingeniería y proceso de fabricación. El sistema FRAMECAD® se integra con el software de diseño BIM que incluye REVIT y TEKLA. La inteligencia y los conocimientos integrados en el software de diseño de FRAMECAD® Structure permiten un diseño con ingeniería de valor para maximizar la ganacia y las técnicas de construcción.

Topics: Spanish Blogs, Building Applications, Offsite & Modular Construction

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction
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