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Good customer experience doesn't end once the sale is completed – FRAMECAD provides the tools that support your business to ensure your success whilst using, our range of world-leading software & manufacturing equipment.

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Accélérez la construction de bâtiments de hauteur moyenne à l'aide d'acier formé à froid

C'est une idée fausse commune que seuls les bâtiments de faible hauteur jusqu'à deux ou trois étages peuvent être construits avec de l'acier formé à froid (CFS). Beaucoup pensent également que le CFS est limité aux petites applications de charpente intérieures ou extérieures non essentielles. Mais cela est totalement faux. L'intégrité structurelle de la charpente CFS convient également aux bâtiments à étages multiples.

Topics: Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction, French blogs

Lumber Challenges: Time for the Construction Industry to Consider Alternative

As the price of wood rises, more and more builders are considering cold formed steel (CFS) as an alternative to lumber.

People are naturally demanding more living space following the Covid lockdowns, after spending so much time living on top of each other. During the lockdowns the retail market saw a huge increase in demand for DIY materials, as home improvement projects rocketed worldwide. This contributed to the current shortages we are experiencing in lumber.

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O que você deve buscar em um parceiro de soluções de construção LSF?

Existem muitos fabricantes de máquinas que vendem máquinas perfiladeiras, mas para realmente obter todos os benefícios que a construção em Light Steel Frame (LSF) pode oferecer, você precisa escolher um parceiro que possa fornecer um sistema de construção abrangendo de ponta a ponta com tecnologia avançada.

Tanto se você estiver considerando um sistema LSF para um projeto específico ou pensando em estabelecer uma indústria de fabricação ou construção de LSF, obter o suporte adequado do parceiro certo é uma estratégia vital para maximizar o retorno de investimento do projeto e garantir o sucesso sustentável nos negócios.

A seguir estão os 4 principais fatores que diferenciam um verdadeiro parceiro de soluções em LSF de um simples vendedor de perfiladeiras.

What should you look for in a CFS/LGS building solutions partner?

There are many machine manufacturers who will sell you roll-forming machines, but to truly get all the benefits that cold formed steel (CFS) construction can offer, you need to choose a partner who can provide an end-to-end construction system with advanced technology.

Whether you’re considering a CFS system (also known as light gauge steel or LGS) for a specific project or thinking of establishing a CFS manufacturing or construction business, getting support from the right partner is a vital strategy to maximize project ROI and ensure sustainable business success.

The following are 4 key differentiating factors that separate a true CFS building solutions partner from a CFS/LGS roll-forming machine seller.

Topics: Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

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