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Tapping into FRAMECAD’s engineering expertise: FRAMECAD Structure

At FRAMECAD, we’re focused on transforming the construction industry to enable you to save time and resources; delivering high quality projects faster and within budget. FRAMECAD Structure is a big part of that. So, who’s behind FRAMECAD Structure? And how can you utilise it to streamline your engineering?

Topics: Most popular, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

A Design-Led Process: The Expertise that Goes into FRAMECAD Detailer

Detailing is an essential part of the construction process – but it can also be a time-consuming stage. Implementing a Cold Formed Steel (CFS) methodology & advanced detailing software that integrates with your production machines can greatly improve this process. So how is FRAMECAD Detailer assisting fast manufacturing of Cold Formed Steel – and who’s behind its innovations?

Topics: Design Led Construction & Software, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Global reach, global experience: Engineering expertise and support

Cold formed steel. A faster, more accurate, flexible method of construction that’s perfect for projects of all sizes – especially when using the end-to-end FRAMECAD System. Sounds like an obvious choice when you put it that way.

However, we know that adjusting to new engineering software (and sometimes to a whole new method of construction) can be daunting – especially if you feel like you’re on your own. You need someone to rely on to provide exceptional training and inductions; someone you know is available to walk you through difficult projects and is always just a call away.

Topics: Design Led Construction & Software, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Preparing for the Future: Cold Formed Steel Construction and The Construction Industry

Cold formed steel construction and end-to-end systems like the FRAMECAD System are transforming the way that construction companies design, engineer, and build. So, who is helping drive that change – and how can you be prepared for the future of the construction industry?

Topics: Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Customer care and after sales support: How you’re at the heart of the FRAMECAD System

At FRAMECAD, we’re passionate about our customers. When designing our software and equipment, we’re consistently taking into account client feedback and needs, and creating products that suit our current and future clients. This dedication is also apparent in how we train and support our customers to make the most of their businesses through best practice cold formed steel construction.

Topics: Design Led Construction & Software, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction
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