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As a Homeowner Why Choose Steel Framing as a Building Material?


Topics: Market & Industry Trends, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Steel vs Wood framing – Which is best for construction?


The construction industry continues to move from strength to strength. But following the pandemic and a new way of life, the construction industry has experienced a surge across the world. Contractors and builders are in high demand due to previously stalled projects coming back to life in a thriving market.

A key decision with any construction project is choosing between asteel and wood framing structure. Here’s all the data you need to compare steel vs wood framing to make sound decisions for your next construction project.

Topics: Market & Industry Trends, Building Applications, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Distinct Benefits of Building with Cold Formed Steel


If you’re in the construction and design industry, you may have heard of cold formed steel (also known as light gauge steel). Many construction companies globally have already made the switch to steel framing, using off-site and modular construction techniques, and are already experiencing the benefits cold-formed steel has to offer. Let’s explore the many advantages cold formed steel has over other construction materials.

Topics: Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Overview of Sustainable Construction

Build an Environment with Sustainable Construction


The construction industry as a whole has a responsibility to contribute to the creation of a world that will improve the lives of future generations and make use of environmentally friendly construction methods.

At FRAMECAD, we understand the significance of sustainable construction, especially in the current landscape where urbanization is at a historic peak, driving up construction demand. Our modern construction method using cold formed steel (CFS) not only enables accelerated construction that requires less labor but also produces less material waste at the same time. It’s safe to say we’re passionate about creating a future for construction that’s more efficient and has less impact on the environment.

Topics: Market & Industry Trends, Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Cold Formed Steel: Importance of Certification & Compliant Products

The construction industry worldwide demands certified and compliant products. Building industry experts and government authorities in many regions around the world have collaborated to develop common standards for building products and construction techniques. Construction standards have now become so important that in many countries, it is not possible to build with products that have not been independently tested and verified and carry a recognized certification mark or label.

Topics: Benefits of Cold Formed Steel Construction

Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction
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