Should you be using Cold Formed Steel roof trusses?


In construction, understanding the latest, most efficient technologies and building methods is key to success... not to mention high levels of skill and familiarity with those methods, and an engineering staff that’s always ready to create high-quality building components at scale.

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Embracing the Journey into The Future of Construction

The Future of Construction will be a fully automated end-to-end design and build process that enables streamlined flow from design to construction, real-time visibility into the construction process, and data-driven construction project management. Find out several methodologies that construction companies need to embrace on this transformational journey. 

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution (also known as Industry 4.0), ways of automating the complete design and build process are becoming more and more critical. According to McKinsey, the construction industry is moving towards a manufacturing-like system of mass production, relying on smart technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and cloud computing to conduct end-to-end design and build automation. The use of these techniques could boost the sector’s productivity by five to tenfold. According to research from the Boston Consulting Group , full-scale digitization may help the construction industry save between $1 trillion and $1.7 trillion annually worldwide.

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Recent reports have stated the Middle East building construction industry is historically labour-intensive and may in some occasions be lower on productivity than many other industries.

In a region where some of the world’s largest building projects are currently underway, it is important for Developers, Project Managers and Contractors to implement cost effective construction methodologies that are proven to provide a high rate of productivity, a fast return of investment and delivered accurate and on time.

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The growth of infrastructure and development in an emerging country like South Africa may requires the construction industry to shift from traditional methods of construction to modern techniques in order to improve productivity and enhance performance.

In this developing industry, it is important for construction companies to be efficient and accurate in their techniques. Adopting new Construction Automation Technologies and implementing versatile materials like Cold Formed Steel (CFS) are providing innovative organisations with greater return on investment and a competitive advantage in the market.

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Recent reports have stated the European construction industry is growing well in 2018. Prefab is one of the key trends in the market. Manufacturers active in the construction sector are looking for faster building techniques in the booming construction sector.

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Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction