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Video: LGS + Earthquake testing

You may have wondered how LGS framing copes in an earthquake, and now thanks to recent seismic testing we were shown just how impressively it does respond.

In the video below, we show you how NASH NZ (National Association of Steel-framed Housing NZ) commissioned full-scale table shaking tests to investigate how brick veneer on LGS framing responds during seismic activity of varying strengths. The tests were conducted at the University of Melbourne on a test house developed to model the behavior of a real home in an earthquake.

Watch the video below to see for yourself just how well LGS framing responds during earthquake testing and how suitable it is for use in seismic regions.

(For a full explanation of the test environment, watch from the beginning of the video. To jump ahead to the shaking, skip to 3.20mins. For conclusions, skip to 5.20mins)



How big was the shake?

The test house was rocked by various levels of the 1940 El Centro north-south earthquake strong-motion record - this Californian earthquake is the benchmark for earthquake testing and engineering and is recognised by the NZ earthquake standard.

The 6 tests ranged between 0.89 x El Centro (6.2 on the Richter scale) with the maximum strength tested being 2.6 x El Centro (9 on the Richter scale). Even at this extreme level of shaking, the damage to the LGS framing was minimal and the construction did not show any major deterioration.


If you love what you see in the video, for more information on working with LGS framing, including window and door installation, exterior cladding (including options and fitting methods), connect with a supplier in your area and find out about the future of construction.

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