The Top 21 Benefits of FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Software

Posted by FRAMECAD on May 9, 2017 2:31:54 PM

21 benefits of FRAMECAD cold formed steel software FRAMECAD software is advanced, integrated, and saves you time and money.

There are four major elements which make up the FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Software suite; FRAMECAD Structure, FRAMECAD Detailer, FRAMECAD Factory 2, and MyFRAMECAD; a cloud-based portal which supports clients and ties the software suite together.

As a package, the FRAMECAD Software suite revolutionises building design and Cold Formed Steel construction.

Here are 21 reasons why you should consider FRAMECAD CFS Software to speed up your design, save you money by automating engineering calculations, and simplify your process throughout your construction processes.

What are the benefits of FRAMECAD Structure, our powerful computer engineering software package?

  1. Speed

Doing over 25,000 calculations per square metre of roof and walls in seconds; a task which would take days, or potentially weeks, if done manually.

  1. Accuracy

Producing accurate calculations automatically, eliminating any margin of error that may occur during manual calculations.

  1. Reduced engineering costs

With real-time engineering as the building is designed, external engineering costs are greatly reduced.

  1. Straightforward

With FRAMECAD Structure doing a lot of the hard work for you, non-engineering designers can focus on design work.

  1. Reduced material costs

Using material as efficiently as possible and reducing wastage. The material savings when using FRAMECAD Structure can be as much as 30% on roof truss designs and other outputs.

  1. Compliance

With real-time engineering calculations done as the designs are created, analysing loads, deflections and other forces, it becomes an easy process to check for compliant engineering.


What are the benefits of the link from design to automated production - FRAMECAD Detailer ?


  1. Be ready for manufacture

FRAMECAD Detailer produces a manufacturing file which is read by the CFS equipment’s system. Once a file has gone through FRAMECAD Detailer, it is ready for manufacture.

  1. Optimised design

FRAMECAD Detailer enables users to review the engineered design files to improve manufacturing details and on-site constructability.

  1. Helps you visualise

The 3D view means framing can be shown in a virtual walk-through format to help visualise the design; designers can then check for design errors and eliminate on-site correction time.

  1. Improved construction process

The software covers the detailing of the component parts, as well as the generation of shop drawings. With these drawings brought up on a screen or printed out, the production team can carry out the initial phase of construction with ease.


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  1. Enables the use of unskilled labour

FRAMECAD Detailer ensures that what is produced is  simple to put together so unskilled labour can be trained up very quickly and deployed in your projects; saving you money and solving the global problem of sourcing skilled labor.

  1. Easy to use

Enter the dimensions and type of frame you require and FRAMECAD Detailer will convert the information into detailed framing plans.


And what about the benefits offered by Factory 2, the FRAMECAD production software pushing the FRAMECAD Structure and Detailer plans into production?


  1. It integrates perfectly

Designed to partner precisely with FRAMECAD manufacturing equipment, files pass through FRAMECAD Structure, then FRAMECAD Detailer, and into FRAMECAD Factory 2 smoothly and easily, via either a wireless connection or through a USB stick.

  1. Responsible for production

Factory 2 enables users to automatically transfer design information from architectural detail into framing layout, then on to production.


And the last piece of the FRAMECAD suite (but certainly not the least), MyFRAMECAD, our cloud-based customer portal...


  1. Production monitoring

MyFRAMECAD lets you track key production metrics of your FRAMECAD manufacturing system such as: total production, production rate, total operating efficiency, total tool count, total downtime, downtime by reason, and more.


  1. It stays up to date

By communicating directly with FRAMECAD Factory 2, MyFRAMECAD keeps running information regarding tool count, machine downtime, oil pressure and machine maintenance.

  1. It keeps you prepared and equipped

Using MyFRAMECAD to ensure your project is well-stocked with material requirements. Be aware of any shortages or issues in advance, enabling you to keep the project on track.

  1. It acts as a secure internal system

Information regarding your software and manufacturing systems can be seen on MyFRAMECAD, our dedicated customer portal and can be sent through to FRAMECAD for equipment diagnostics and support, and all your information is kept secure.

  1. MyFRAMECAD helps us provide better service

If any issues arise, your support staff and the team at FRAMECAD can extract machine information from MyFRAMECAD, via the cloud from wherever you are in the world, no matter where your business takes you.


  1. We give it the attention it deserves

The software is as intrinsically important as the physical manufacturing equipment itself, and we treat it accordingly. By providing cloud technology, and by using MyFRAMECAD, you and your FRAMECAD Software are always being looked after and benefit from regular software updates including the latest Software features.


  1. Gives you the support you need and peace of mind

The combined power of the FRAMECAD software system means peace of mind knowing your project will finish on time and within budget. Staff on-site can get support quickly and know exactly where to go for support should anything go wrong.


With 21 outstanding benefits of using powerful CFS software, we’re confident that many of the above will relate directly to your company’s needs in designing and building your next project(s).

To learn more about the advantages of FRAMECAD software, and investigate the possible project and business gains for your company, read more here.


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