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Our new eBook: The endless possibilities of Cold Formed Steel applications

The Endless Possibilities of CFS Applications

Whether your construction company chooses to operate in the residential or non-residential sector, cold formed steel (CFS) is a reliable construction method that allows you to commit to tight timeframes and budgets with confidence.

CFS is not limited to a particular building application and can be used in conjunction with other materials.

Whatever your professional project or business model, CFS can work to meet your construction goals and objectives.

Our new eBook explores the following:

  • The benefits and advantages of Cold Formed Steel
  • The (endless) building applications made possible by Cold Formed Steel
  • The multiple CFS construction methodologies
  • Real life case studies.

Regardless of what kind of building project you’re planning, CFS is a successful building solution that’s highly innovative and efficient.

Some of the applications covered in detail in our new eBook include:

  • Affordable housing
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Apartments
  • Single dwellings
  • Schools, kindergartens, and educational centres
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Aged-care facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Worker accomodations
  • Aged-care buildings
  • Hotels
  • Quick-response buildings.

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Residential Applications

CFS is highly versatile and can be applied to residential applications such as affordable housing, multi-family dwellings, apartments and single dwellings.

Not only can these applications be built swiftly and cost-effectively with cold formed steel, they are stylish, comfortable, and respond to a growing construction demand  by customers in both developed and developing areas.


Non-residential Applications

Non-residential buildings such as schools, hotels, offices and hospitals are very well suited to CFS construction too. Cold formed steel’s flexibility and adaptability combined with offsite and modular methodologies mean that classrooms or even hotel rooms can be replicated multiple times with precision.

In the non-residential sector, cold formed steel technology allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to develop and adapt with the dynamic nature of health care.

While in the emergency construction sector, rapidly deploying the construction of buildings in remote, hard to access areas or in situations where there is no access to infrastructure,
such as disaster zones, is notoriously difficult to undertake. But with a CFS mobile factory solution, governments, builders and communities around the world are now able to solve this problem, faster than ever before.


Cold Formed Steel – Choose your preferred construction methodology

CFS is suited to both onsite and offsite building methods, which in turn can both be applicable to residential and non-residential construction.

Offsite benefits include shorter and more predictable build times and improved quality in a controlled factory environment.

Onsite on the other hand, is ideal for building situations in tight urban locations or complicated disaster relief conditions that offer ‘build as you go’ flexibility. 


For construction companies wanting to keep up with innovative design and build technology, have confidence to meet deadlines and manage delays, and maximize their ROI on projects, regardless of the application you are interested in using CFS methodologies for, we are the ones to speak to.

Reading our eBook “The Endless Possibilities Applications of Cold Formed Steel Applications” will give you a comprehensive look at how CFS can work wonders for your projects, using a wide range of construction applications.

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Discover how the need for the rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction

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