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Discover the latest FRAMECAD® Structure 8.1.8 release

With FRAMECAD's continuous improvement philosophy, we work every day to develop new software features to better satisfy every market need.

The latest FRAMECAD® Structure 8.1.8 release has been launched to improve your design experience and fully comply with most design codes around the world.

New Software releases are regularly developed by the FRAMECAD team and they are free of charge as a part of the FRAMECAD Software licence.

FRAMECAD structure


What's new in Structure 8.1.8:

  •  A new wind pressure input option in addition to the current wind speed option, simplifies the application of the Chinese Loading Design Code

  •  The addition of Wind Speed in the Design Codes section of the BSET form – ensures consistant settings throughout the job

  • View your Structure designs in enhanced 3D using the new VRML export function

  • Addition to the Wind Brace Density report providing a check for distribution of wall bracing.

  • A customisable beam type naming option when creating user-defined beams, making it easier to identify the different beam types in your Structure design

  • Enhanced Truss Model Export includes an SAP2000 model

  • Various reactors have been added to the software which automatically perform additional tasks in the background as commands are initiated. Previously these commands had to be undertaken manually by the user. A list of some of these reactors and what they do are provided in the Updates and How To's guide.

  • Various components have been converted into custom entities, which allow better visual clarity and background information to be added. Some examples of these components are listed in the Updates and How To’s guide.

  • Various bug fixes

Where to find the latest Structure release features and updates information?

1. Access the release notes at any time in your Structure Help Menu - See figure below

Help menu - Release Notes

2. Access Structure's Updates and How To's guide any time via your computer start menu - see figure below

Start Menu - Updates and How to's


FRAMECAD® Structure is a comprehensive and powerful detailing and design software package with advanced computer-aided engineering capability. If you wish to have more information, visit FRAMECAD® Structure web page.  Get in touch with one of our experts by clicking here to discuss your construction projects and the Design and Build solutions required to make them successful.

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