The key benefits of using FRAMECAD’s single profile equipment

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As a construction company or a developer you need the most durable, efficient precise equipment possible if you’re looking to quickly manufacture and erect standout buildings that will last for generations.

FRAMECAD manufacturing systems - matchless precision engineering equipment

FRAMECAD manufacturing systems make the construction of quality living spaces and commercial buildings easier, more profitable, and more efficient.

An essential part of the FRAMECAD product offer is our single profile manufacturing systems. This roll forming equipment produces CFS wall frames, joists, and trusses quickly and with pinpoint accuracy. They give construction firms the gift of lean, robust profile manufacturing and they are fully integrated with FRAMECAD Design and Engineering Software.

In this blog post, we will specifically cover FRAMECAD’s F325iT and F450iT roll-forming systems. The F325iT produces framing components for low rise residential, modular and commercial building applications, and the F450iT is more suitable for heavier multi-story residential and commercial construction.

Here, we will discuss the key benefits of the F325iT and F450iT when employed on-site.


Key benefit #1 — Faster production

The FRAMECAD equipment enables faster yield of crucial framing materials, helping to meet or even shorten project timelines.

The F325iT
is suited to residential and light commercial projects. A production output of up to 750 lineal m/h is typical, with a high line speed that can reach 2,880 m/hr. Along with the lower maintenance costs it affords, the F325iT represents the industry leading standard for profile-forming performance. 

To understand exactly how fast the FRAMECAD single profile machinery is, watch this video:

The F450iT
, on the other hand, is used in for heavier residential, modular and commercial projects for low and mid-rise construction. It features an automated high line speed up to 2,160 m/hr, as well as 12 precision punching functions for a wide range of profile needs. Given its versatility, the F450iT is an efficient solution for larger-scale framing projects. 

Both FRAMECAD manufacturing systems increase productivity by yielding precisely-engineered profiles with superior output speeds not available anywhere else.

Key benefit #2 — Reliable and dependable

Both the F325iT and the F450iT are developed by an inhouse team of engineers and technicians and they’re fully-built and assembled in New Zealand, and subjected to rigorous quality control checks before deployment. And yet more reliability features are found on the inside.

Each system features a hot climate hydraulic cooling system. This enables usage in factories anywhere in the world and can operate in high-temperature environments, expanding use cases to a wide variety of locales.

Also, cloud-based production data reporting is included with each manufacturing equipment. Internet connectivity allows project management and diagnostics to run efficiently, in real time.

Key benefit #3 — Auto-gauging technology

FRAMECAD’s roll forming systems include advanced auto-gauging technology, greatly simplifying and accelerating profile production.

Each CFS profile, whether it’s a truss, frame, or joist, needs its own gauge setting. Without auto-gauging, highly-skilled manual adjustment of each roll forming station is required. This process is subject to error and can waste time and resources.

However, FRAMECAD’s auto-gauging equipment averts these issues by automatically calibrating each roll forming station to produce the profiles needed, with no loss of accuracy.

Key benefit #4 — Continuous development and quality assurance

FRAMECAD’s team of engineers is dedicated to building the smartest, highest-quality construction equipment in the world.

Therefore, we are continuously developing the F325iT and F450iT, adding new enhancements for greater capacity, dependability, speed, and cost savings. Our technologies simply improve over time.

Key benefit #5 — Hands-on customer training and support

FRAMECAD is your loyal, knowledgeable partner in construction. International teams stand by to offer expert support for the lifetime of our products.

You can access productivity-enhancing tools through our cloud-based personalized resource, the MyFRAMECAD Customer Portal. Using its tools, you can build a more resourceful and efficient business.

And FRAMECAD Care, our worldwide customer support, is there for you to field any questions you have about our process or products.

What should you look for in a construction partner? Experts who feature a design-led process integrating engineering, manufacturing, and construction for substantial leaps in productivity, speed, and quality. A data-driven methodology that’s responsive to engineering specifications, local building codes, detailed reporting needs, and the desire to lower construction costs.

Such are the achievements of the FRAMECAD process.

All in all, our roll-forming equipment are but a part of the comprehensive, industry-leading FRAMECAD process. The F325iT and the F450iT are unique machines that produce trusses, joists, and frames of unparalleled quality, faster than any other.

Utilizing FRAMECAD equipment for all your future large-scale projects will immediately, and permanently, put your firm in a league of its own.


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