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Video: Insider tips on how to construct using LGS framing

You may have considered working with LGS in your construction projects but haven’t been quite sure how it all comes together.

In the video below, we give you an overview of the LGS method of construction and some best-practice tips for success. As you may be aware, an important benefit of LGS construction is accuracy and we explain how this goes hand in hand with well-planned construction preparation.



When watching the video, keep an eye and ear out for valuable tips, such as;

  • Get precisely level foundations, framing, trusses and floor panels, accurate to within 1mm
  • How easy it is to ‘stand up’ the LGS frames
  • Learn the art of positioning trusses over studs to support roof loads, floor trusses and walls
  • Discover a list of the wide variety of roofing materials that can be used in LGS framed buildings
  • Ensure you use the correct insulation for the environment you’re building in, to meet building code requirements for your region
  • Be impressed by how our builders work with FRAMECAD LGS framing that has pre-determined service routing and pre-punched service holes.

If you love what you see in the video, for more information on working with LGS framing, including window and door installation, exterior cladding (including options and fitting methods), connect with a supplier in your area and find out about the future of construction.

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